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Teams Looking For Players

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - July 11, 2016

  1. Maria Gutierrez - Added 04/23/16
    Comments: Hi! I am a 42 year old looking to play on a co-ed team. I played mid-field in high school, but am open to any position. I am a competitive athlete that loves the sport of soccer and the ability to play with international players.

  2. Karim Masri - Added 05/03/16
    Comments: I am looking to join a Co-Ed and Men recreation outdoor team. I play defense.

    Thad Williamson - Added 05/04/16
    Comments: Age 46, looking to get on a roster.

    Ivan Alzuro - Added 05/04/16
    Comments: Currently head of Club Atlético; looking to get on a team as our club had no interest for the Veterans Division.

    Blake Wiseman - Added 05/05/16
    (804) 426-6238
    Comments: I would definitely be interested in an Over 40 League! My rec team is also thinking about fielding a Summer League team and if they do, I will stay with my current team. If not, however, I would certainly like to do an Over 40 team. Thanks.

  6. Oscar Caceros - Added 05/06/16
    Comments: I'm interested in getting on a team this summer.

  7. Connor White - Added 05/17/16
    Comments: Age 25- I have played competitive soccer my entire life. Captained an NCSL division 1 team and played ODP in Northern Virginia. Played 1 season of college soccer at University of Mary Washington before transferring to VCU. Played sweeper or holding midfielder my whole life but comfortable anywhere on the left side of the field. Would love to play in the mens league or coed league preferably in a higher level division.

  8. Logan Pickles - Added 05/27/16
    Comments: I would like to join a team for the summer or fall season. I 33 years old. Looking for a fun team to play co-ed or on a lower division men’s team. I’ve played since I was 5. I played travel soccer from ages 14-18 and 3 years of varsity in high school. I’m a team player so I am willing to play any position. I spent most of my years playing midfield or defense. I am probably best suited for a defensive position.

  9. Kofi and Jamal - Added 05/27/16
    Comments: Kofi and Jamal are two very experienced 17 year old soccer players. Kofi plays left wing or anywhere attacking and Jamal prefers the central striker position. We have been playing since we were 10 years old and continue to all year round. We would like to find a summer division team

  10. Irby White - Added 05/28/16
    Comments: 20 years old and looking for a summer league team. I run a CVSA team of my own for spring and fall but no one can do summer on my team. I like playing Mid and forward. Willing to play goalkeeper for a half too. Played varsity soccer at Deep Run High School before graduating 2 years ago. Let me know if I can get a spot with anyone.

    Michael S. Blevins - Added 06/02/16
    Comments: 45 years old; Chester area resident; willing to play field positions (not goal keeper)

  12. Jorge Schmidt - Added 06/02/16
    Comments: I am a recent VT grad. I have just moved into the area and I'm looking to participate in a league. I have played soccer for my entire life,I played in pre-professional clubs in Bolivia, was the HS varsity team captain for my junior and and senior seasons. I can play any position from the midfield and up. Thank you for your help.

  13. Liane Bain - Added 06/03/16
    Comments: Looking for a (laid back) coed soccer team in the summer. I played in high school and then played recreational soccer in college. After college, I played both indoor and outdoor soccer - playing in both competitive women’s leagues and coed indoor leagues. I have not played organized soccer in the past 10 years or so, but am ready to bring soccer back into my world! Thanks!!

    Brad Fitch - Added 06/05/16
    Comments: Hello all, I am looking for info on an adult soccer league in the Richmond area. I was born in 1973 and it now upsets me to see that qualifies me for anything considered veteran. Next up senior citizen discounts! Can you all let me know a little more info to teams, schedules, and how it all works. I live in colonial heights and would like to play some when I can. I'm hoping it might be open sign ups for Sunday's as with a busy schedule I would not be able to play all Sunday's but would like to play when I can.

  15. Ryan Henson - Added 06/05/16
    Comments: I am a 26 year old new that grew up in Williamsburg and went to Virginia Tech, but am new to the Richmond area. I am pretty skilled player with a lot of experience, but haven't played in a while so I'm rusty. I would be happy playing either Coed or a Men's league on a somewhat competitive team, but ultimately for fun. Due to my job (night shift) I can only play in a weekend league. I prefer playing midfield or forward, but can play defense if needed.

  16. Reese and Grant - Added 06/08/16
    Comments: Grant and Reese are 22 year old experienced soccer players. We happen to be both left footed. Reese typically plays left wing or left back, while Grant usually plays forward. We both started varsity HS soccer for 3 years along with playing at the elite club level since the age of 9. We have played CVSA in the past (2 years ago) but the team were usually on dissolved this summer. Young talented players, who would make an impact on your team! Looking to play in the higher or middle divisions.

    Chad Houser - Added 06/08/16
    Comments: I am a 41 year old goalkeeper. I would be interested in playing in the veterans league.

  18. Matt Femia - Added 06/09/16
    Comments: I'm 23 years old from NY 6'0" 170--played on youth clubs growing up through varsity team in MS/HS, a year of varsity in college and then college club for the remainder of college. Moved down to VA for grad school. I played as a defensive-midfielder for most of my youth but took on an attacking left and right-mid role eventually. Primarily looking for dedicated competitive league-play for summer or fall but wouldn't mind playing in lower divisions. If preferred, I'd be willing to come out and kick-around before any team finalizes. Feel free to text/call anytime.

    Kurt Pillay - Added 06/09/16
    804 441 5308
    Comments: I am interested in playing this Summer in the Veterans Division. I do have another close friend of mine that is interested.

  20. Nicolas Almenara-Dumur - Added 06/09/16
    Comments: I'm 20 years old, and played travel and high school soccer 2 years ago. I've played recreationally since then. I am an attacking player but can play midfield, left or right. Looking for a casual team for the summer nothing too competitive as it is my first time playing cvsa.

  21. David Warren - Added 06/09/16
    Comments: 30 yr old looking for summer team. I currently captain a D3 team, but we did not have enough interest for summer. I am looking for a summer team to play on. I can play most positions, but prefer to play winger, attacking mid, or striker. Email me at if you need players.

  22. GOALKEEPER NEEDED - Added 06/09/16
    Comments: Team Defenestrators is looking for a goalie!

  23. Katherine Palmer - Added 06/11/16
    Comments: I'm 25, new to the Richmond area and have played soccer on and off my whole life. I've played all positions, so I'm flexible to be put wherever I'm needed. Happy to play on either a women's or co-ed team!

  24. Gino Vandenberg - Added 06/12/16
    Comments: Age: 23. Experience: I’m from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and played for selection teams growing up, which means playing the better teams in the country (Ajax, AZ Alkmaar, etc.). Desired level of play: Looking to play for a premier division team. Position: Attacking Midfielder, Forward. Shoot me an email if interested!

  25. Doug Totaro - Added 06/12/16
    Comments: I'm looking to play this summer or fall. I'm 5'11 150 pounds and I prefer to play midfield although I'm flexible and can play where needed.

  26. Keith Poore - Added 06/12/16
    Comments: I'm a male, 36 years old and have 32 years experience playing soccer. From age 4 to 18 I played in school, with middle school and high school fall and spring seasons. From that time on I played pick up soccer mostly, but also five years (2005 to 2009) of double seasons in an adult league in NC. Can play any position but keeper. I prefer striker as I am best at that position. Left or right doesn't matter as I'm fairly skilled with both feet. A higher level division would be nice, but anything with a fair amount of playing time.

    Dave - Added 06/12/16
    Comments: responding to ad on cvsa home page, I'm a bit late to the game (46 in July) but would love to play if any teams have room. no real playing experience but can run and have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done.

    Jim Zaborowski - Added 06/14/16
    (540) 872-1712
    Comments: I'm interested in playing. I'll be 50 in October. I love soccer but haven't played since I was a kid. How tough is the league? I'm competitive and feel I'm athletic, but I'm afraid not too good at soccer at this point in my life, but would love to play in a league.

    Michael Wright - Added 06/15/16
    Comments: I'm writing to inquire if there is any team in need of players in the CVSA Summer season 40 + Division. If yes, I'm available to play, and so is my friend Jonathan Gates cc'd on this message. Would you please let me know if there are any available opportunities for us to play together? If experience is a criteria in team placement then please note that we are both life long soccer players that have played competitively at the collegiate level. However, that was over 20 years ago - It's fair to say that the brain might have the right idea, but the body may have another.

    Mark Nugent - Added 06/20/16
    Comments: I would love to play in the veterans division. I was born in '73. If you can add me to player list….I am 43, played high school soccer and coached soccer for the last 8 years at Varsity, JV, and middle school. Play defense but happy to play wherever.

  31. Brent Idleman - Added 06/21/16
    Comments: Prefer defense (right back) can play defensive mid as well. Very strong physical player. Good closing sprint speed. Willing to play in division 3 or lower.

  32. Casey Ward - Added 06/22/16
    Comments: I am a 31 y/o male that has played soccer for the most part of 20 years, though the past few years I have been absent and am ready to knock the dust off the boots. Looking to join a team for the fall league at a somewhat competitive level perferably 2nd or 3rd division but will play lower. I feel have am well suited for defense, but i have the ability and stamina for midfield. If you need a quality team player look no further.

  33. Emily Leamman - Added 06/27/16
    Comments: I'm looking to join a co-Ed recreational soccer team. I just moved to RVA from Baltimore. I'm 33 and have played co-Ed Rec for nearly 10 years. Mainly a defender. Was a sprinter in high school and college so soccer wasn't my primary sport. Please email me if there are any available spots.

  34. Andrew Brown - Added 06/28/16
    Comments: I'm new to the area and would love to join an adult league within one of the mid divisions for the fall season. I'm 22 years old and have decent experience playing.

  35. Jerrod Reed - Added 07/02/16
    Comments: I was looking to get back into playing soccer. I'm 21 usually play up front but don't mind the midfield, I'm also a decent keeper...I played from Kindergarten until 11th grade and also in some adult leagues while in the military.

  36. Ally Abruzzo - Added 07/03/16
    (631) 764-5010
    Comments: Hello! I'm 23 years old and have played soccer for 18 years of my life. I played 4 years at a D2 college where I received a full scholarship and was named MVP my senior year. I'm originally from NY but moved to the Richmond area back in December. I've been searching for a women's league to play in for quite awhile. I'm a forward/outside mid and would love to get back to playing soon!

  37. Jennifer Hale - Added 07/05/16
    Comments: 25-years-old. I am doing fieldwork in Richmond beginning today and will be there through September 15th. I am looking for a co-ed soccer team to play on.

  38. Angel Smith - Added 07/07/16
    Comments: Experience- Been playing all my life. Age- 15. Level of play- 5th division and above. Position- Goalkeeper and striker.

  39. Dan Vogel - Added 07/07/16
    Comments: Recent grad of Colby College (Maine) moving to the Richmond area and looking to continue playing. Played 4 years on the varsity team where I was captain/MVP this past year (senior year). Hoping to play for a team in the Premier division.

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