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CVSA SPRING '20 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! As always, the link to register your team is Please take note of the following dates:

• Sunday, February 2: All teams must have at least 10 players registered (and paid); team registration closes that day.
• Sunday, February 16: Spring '20 Organizational Meeting, 2:00PM, Hardywood Park Brewery - Barrel Room.
• Week of February 24: Veterans Division starts.
• Thursday, February 27: Coed Divisions start.
• Sunday, March 1: Open Divisions start.

New team captains who are not in the registration system need to contact CVSA Registrar Shawn Shelton to get set up in the system.

Questions? . . . e-mail the CVSA Registrar to get your issues resolved.

The Spring '20 Operational Guide is posted as well.

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - February 16, 2020

  1. Carlo Taormina - Added 01/01/20
    Comments: I’d like to join a team. I don’t know if the winter indoor league has already started but I’d like to see if I can join. 22 years old with experience (been a while since I’ve played) striker or midfield.

  2. Ricky Carroll - Added 01/01/20
    Comments: Age: 32 Position: any Experience: Played from age 7 through high school. Coached rec multiple seasons for both my kids. Other: Looking to have fun and get back in shape. Very competitive and love soccer. Appreciate quality play and good sportsmanship. Hope I can join the fun for the fall 2019 season and beyond.

  3. Anthony Buchanan - Added 01/01/20
    Comments: I'm 28 and just moved here from Seattle. I'm looking to get involved with really any team that has a spot: semi-competitive, recreational, co-ed. Played my whole life competitively, played in college (D3, was playing for low level D1 until I broke my leg). I can play anything in the back or midfield, preferred center mid when available. Would be great to make some more friends to have a beer with after a game too!

  4. Ryan Reynolds - Added 01/01/20
    845 702 8501
    Comments: Age: 28 Just moved to Richmond. Looking for a division 3-4 team to be a part of. Played D2 college for 3 years as a center and outside back. Occasionally a holding mid. Played in a tier 2 team the past 3 years in SC where I just moved from.

  5. Fernando Carolino - Added 01/01/20
    (804) 3867667
    Comments:Brazilian, arrived here in America 7 months ago and I'm looking for a soccer team to play with. I play soccer since I have 5 years but never professional, prefer midfield but I can play forward too. I work 8am-5pm mon-fri. More questions feel free to message me anytime!

  6. Nestor Moczo - Added 01/01/20
    Comments: I am reaching out because I’m very interested in joining a team. I just turned 20 years old and this is something me and my counselor, Susan M. Webb, have been talking about a lot, and also something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. I received a packet in the mail today about the Association, but it’s more of a general guide about rules and regulations. I would like to know the other steps necessary to take in order to move forward with this process and hopefully join a team soon.

  7. Lynwood Washington - Added 01/01/20
    Comments: My fiancée and I are interested in playing Co ed soccer this fall. I know we are a bit behind the deadline but we were hoping there is a way we could get placed on a team. We have played once for the league before but it has been a few years. Our skill level is beginner to intermediate. Any information would be greatly appreciated to make this happen. Thank you.

  8. Tamer Mohsen - Added 01/01/20
    803 881 5674
    Comments: I am 43 years old. Looking for a veteran team I play middle player.. I am looking to join a team that plays on Sundays, I am good at playing as a middle man.

    Nik Vukaj - Added 01/01/20
    804 955-8735
    Comments: I am 42 years old. Looking for veterans team to play on Wednesday evenings, usually I play midfielder.

  10. Hunter Demetriou - Added 01/01/20
    (757) 470-6688
    Comments: Sunday does not work well for me, so I'm thinking a co-ed division on Thursday nights would be best. I would be fine playing in either the rec or competitive division if any open spots are available.

  11. Brendan Duball - Added 01/01/20
    Comments: I am 26 years old and just relocated back to RVA from DC. I’m looking to get involved for any team at any level. I played for recreational league soccer for Midlothian Youth Soccer League from 1st grade until 5th grade. I played travel soccer for Chesterfield United during 6th and 7th grade. I haven’t played organized soccer for quite some time now, but I’m itching to get back.

    Jim Hitchingham - Added 01/01/20
    415 966 9946
    Comments: I just relocated from Northern Cal. I played in an adult soccer league for 3 years before moving here and want to get back into it. 55 years old. Played 5 years (including in European Youth Cups when young) and got active again in a 30 & over soccer league for past 3 years plus playing indoor year round. Positions currently played - on the wings (forward or back, and a center back). Can kick both right and left footed. Left foot is about 80% of right in strength and accuracy. (In last 12-game "season", i had 10 assists and 6 goals.)

  13. Kevin Yee - Added 01/01/20
    Comments: I've never played CVSA before, just moved to Richmond. I'd like to be a free agent. 29 years old, played in high school and recreationally since then. Willing to play any position. Prefer the coed division.

  14. Ryan Baker - Added 01/02/20
    Comments: I am 27 years old and I played soccer since the age of 4 starting with Rec soccer and then started with Virginia legacy travel soccer at the age of 8 until 18 and then went to college and played for Eastern Mennonite University. I was a goalkeeper all growing up but looking to get back in the field. Also have been coaching for Richmond strikers U-8 but am no longer doing that. I have been out of the sport for about 6 years but looking to get back on the field myself.

    Dave Singh - Added 01/03/20
    804 986 7838
    Comments: 40 years old. I have played soccer on and off throught. Looking for recreational team to play with. Happy to play any position. Can do open divisions as well.

    Comments: Richmond FC is looking for Players! We are currently looking for skilled defenders and forward players! We’ll be playing Third Division this coming Spring Season and we are now working on adding a few strong and experienced players to our roster! If you think you can be a good fit to our roster and would like to take part on our tryouts, please feel free to contact us at

    Tryouts will start in February!

    Comments: Vinotinto RVA is looking for Players! We are a new team currently looking for at least 1 defender and a 1-2 midfielders/forward (if you could be flexible to play either position it would be best). We’re hoping to play a middle of the pack division (CVSA still needs to confirm our division) this coming Spring season and we are now working on adding a few good and experienced players as we want to be competitive. If you think you can be a good fit, please feel free to contact us at

  18. Eymz Frenetic - Added 01/08/20
    804 774 1102
    Comments: I played for high school team in seattle kirkland as a winger. My specialty is dribling, playmaking and crossing + pressure and interceptions. Please let me kno if thers any tryouts or anything, id start in any division but would rather to play in the highest one. Also id like to stay in contact with you since i couldnt find no other leagues thatd accept free agents. U can reach my by phone at 8047741102.

    Alex - Added 01/14/20
    Comments: Veterans team looking for a goalkeeper. Contact Alex.

  20. Eric Szymanski - Added 01/15/20
    Comments: I'm 25 years old and looking for a competitive team in the spring and summer. I played for Potomac State College for 2 years. I played mostly Center attacking mid. Im not fast but I do not get pushed off the ball and i have really good endurance. I hate to lose so ill push myself to make sure we win. Im left footed and im 6'-3". I dominate the ball in the air.

    Comments: The Defenestrators are looking for players for our Third Division team.

    (571) 271-8242
    Comments: Richmond Spurs is looking for women for the upcoming Spring '20 season. We're a coed recreational team of players 21-30+ where we just play for fun but we like to win and have a competitive mindset. If you want to come kick around with us first to get to know us we tend to get together every week or whenever we can. Text or email if you're interested!

  23. GOALKEEPER NEEDED - Added 01/20/20
    630 487 6955
    Comments: We finished third last season. Strong squad looking for a reliable keeper. Cool group of guys usually grab beers after games.

    Comments: We are in search of female players.


    New Bohemia FC Captain

  25. Ryan Scott - Added 01/22/20
    804 869 5955
    Comments: Age: 23 Played intramurals soccer at cnu for two semesters (I was a track and field sprinter) That’s about it! I’m really fast and have some skills with the ball. I play LM, LW, and I can play back positions if needed! My desired level is divisions 3-7 but I’m open to all!

  26. marini jeovanni - Added 02/10/20
    Comments: I play 4 years in high school, rocky of the year.second went to Louisa play for Louisa champions but we lose regionals.

  27. Eric McIntyre - Added 02/11/20
    Comments: positions: GK/ wing back, wing mid; desired level of play: 2-4th division; bio: played 1 year of college (GK), played adult league in college 2011-2015, played off and on since then in Alaska.

  28. Eleni Riris - Added 02/12/20
    Comments: I'm looking to join a coed team. I've been playing for 15 years. I played D2 travel soccer in high school and club in college. I'm 21 and I play as a center defender.

    (804) 898-8512
    Comments: Call Henry ASAP!

  30. Stephen Reynolds - Added 02/13/20
    804 921 3703
    Comments: 29; Looking for lower men’s divisions, between 4-6 Have a great understanding of each position, but have played in the spine as a centerback, center mid, or striker. Can step in as emergency keeper here and there if needed too. Been playing since I was a kid, and love every aspect of the game. I’m a vocal player, and think communication plays just as much of a part in the game as physical characteristics.

  31. Emily Mann - Added 02/14/20
    336 675 6880
    Comments: Looking to join a team. Probably an open division/recreational team. It’s been awhile since I played. I’m 32. I played through tenth grade and played intramural indoor/outdoor in college all 4 years. Primarily played midfield. Center/left/right. But open to whatever. Just hoping to play something competitive again and meet some people!!

    Arno Nortan - Added 02/15/20
    Comments: Dear Soccer fans: I am looking into the possibility in joining the league/teams; doesn’t matter which team and if it is co-ed or all men. I am 50 years old, just got here from Germany, I enjoy the sport very much so just to pass time and stay in shape. I am from South America hence the connection; I am still on Active Duty here stationed at Fort Lee, VA so I would like to not get hurt however, I will assume the inherent risk that comes from really playing any sport. I live on the installation and my cell number is 804-588-8004; I can play any position, though I enjoy more so the mid-filed and forward/striker position. Hope to hear from the league soon. Thanks, Arno !

  33. Robert Fitzgerald - Added 02/15/20
    (804) 386-9034
    Comments: I'm a 27 year old male from Richmond, VA looking to play on a team of very skilled and divers players. I have been playing since I was four years old on several rec leagues where one of my teams won about 7 Championship titles, also I've played on my high school soccer team as well. However I had to stop due to myself attending college. When I was younger I had the opportunity to participate in the People to People Ambassador program where I traveled to Amsterdam to play soccer against other soccer players from around the world. I would believe myself to be very fast and enjoy playing all positions expect goalkeeper. I have gotten a strong drive to start playing again as my goal for 2020. I would appreciate it that you can put with a high level team 11v11 all male or Coed team.

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