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To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - October 5, 2017

  1. Bobby Tart - Added 07/22/17
    Comments: I just moved to Richmond within the past month and am looking to join a team. I’m 29 and played club soccer from a young age through high school playing just about every day of the week. Played intramurals through college and pick up games here and there. I play midfield and forward and would say I’m middle of the road skill wise now. If there are any teams looking for players, would love to join.

  2. Kevin Pelletier - Added 07/24/17
    H 804-264-3610 / C 401-952-3323
    Comments: I’m 42 years old, looking for 11 v 11. I played 4 years of varsity in high school and have experience playing 7 v 7 with CVSA. I’m a defender and can play anywhere on the back line.

  3. Sarah Schneider - Added 07/30/17
    (703) 851-4894
    Comments: I'm 21 years old, I'm a recent college grad moving to Richmond and would love to play on an team here. I've played soccer all my life having grown up in NoVa and then attending school in PA. I played competitively through college, and don't want to stop. I'm a goalkeeper by trade, but love to play in the field as well. My number is . Hope to hear back soon!!

    Comments: Mexico Restaurant in division 2 is looking for an experienced goalkeeper for the upcoming season. Keeper must be able to make all scheduled games without conflict. Previous experience in upper divisions required. Please contact Thomas Eacho at 804-819-9891 or for any inquiries.

    (804) 914-0055
    Comments: Our club is seeking a dedicated and solid Goalkeeper to play in the Fall Season in the CVSA League on Sunday's for our team. We are currently playing in Division I. Which is a competitive Division within the League. Serious inquiries only. If you seek interests, please contact me at (804) 914-0055. Thanks.
    Matt Luck - Manager
    LOKO Football Club

  6. Dan Seal - Added 08/12/17
    804 241 6759
    Comments: I am 28 years old and looking to join a mid-level team or higher. I played a lot of soccer while living in Costa Rica and grew to love the sport. I am best up top or on the wing, and I believe I would make a solid impact for a team seeking a decent player.

  7. Kevin Pyne - Added 08/16/17
    Comments: I will be moving to Richmond this fall and I am looking to join an 11 v 11 team for the fall season. I am 25 years old and have been playing soccer my whole life. I played travel soccer and played varsity high school soccer. Since then, I have played semi-competitive 11 v 11 and 7 v 7. I am moving to ichmond this fall from DC and I am looking to a join a decently competitive 11 v 11 team. I can play any position needed, but I prefer to play in the midfield or striker.

  8. Cole Anton - Added 08/16/17
    Comments: I am 24 and am looking to join a Thursday night coed team. I have played soccer for 10 years and play as a winger/forward. I could also play somewhere in the midfield or fill in where needed.

  9. Muhammad Razak - Added 08/18/17
    Comments: My wife and I are looking to join a team. We both played all through middle and high-school. Took a break during college to focus on professional lives. We are 27 and 25. Novice to intermediate skills. 100% commitment. If there are open teams, I'd love to join. Do we join CVSA first or get chosen first? Thanks!

  10. Zvezdan Zivkovic - Added 08/19/17
    Comments: Z for short. I recently moved to Virginia from Florida. I have been playing fútbol since I was 7 years old. Club team, middle school, high school, college, so I am pretty experienced. Just finished a league about two weeks ago in Florida. I am very dedicated and interested joining a team, in the premier division or whatever top division is. Please let me know if you have any openings of if you need more info. You may call, text me and email me. Age: 29 Position: Left Back, Left Winger Experience: college level

  11. BIG NIGHT OUT FC - FEMALE PLAYERS - Added 08/20/17
    Comments: Need female players for upcoming Coed season.

  12. Joseph Dadic - Added 08/20/17
    646 866 1342
    Comments: New York soccer player moving to Richmond in the middle of the fall. Played for Auburndale Storm from u12 to u17, New York Stars 2011 for the Ciocarria Cup in Italy, Lake Grove United u18 HNK Sibenik from u18-20. Im looking for a very competitive team to get into the grove with and to attend a few practices and see where it goes. Thank you, and I can be contacted via email or phone. 22 years old 5'9" and my main position is Attacking Center Mid but I can play on the outside as well

  13. Irby White - Added 09/03/17
    Comments: I’m 21 and looking for a new team. Played in division 2 and 3 with LOKO the past two seasons. I played at Deep Run and now coach at Steward and Godwin, so I like to be around competitive soccer. I’ll play anywhere honestly. I’ve switched positions so many times that I don’t even know my best spot. Just love to play. Would like to find a new team before the season starts.

  14. Luke Jeziorski - Added 09/09/17
    (610) 937-9315
    Comments: I have recently moved to Richmond and I am looking to join a team this fall season if possible. I am 22 years old, I have played soccer for a majority of my life, I have played travel as well as high school. I looked at the divisions and I would most likely fall into the fifth or sixth division because I am returning from injury.

  15. Emily Deskin - Added 09/11/17
    Comments: I recently relocated back to the richmond area from northern Virginia. I am interested in joining a co-ed soccer league. I have played soccer since I was 5 and played competitively throughout high school and recreationally in college. I can play center-mid or forward. I would like to join a team preferably in the recreational league. Thank you!

  16. Brian Pistole - Added 09/11/17
    Comments: Moved to the area in August. I have played competitive soccer my entire life. I played at the division one level and was prepared to try out professionally before injury barred the way. I am 26 and recovered well from it all. I am a goalkeeper by trade but am capable of playing striker/midfield as well.

  17. Ben Brannan - Added 09/17/17
    Comments: Age: 29. Played D-I college soccer in South Carolina, primary position is Left-Back but through 4-yr college career played CM, CB, LW, LB. Recently moved from Austin TX, looking for top flight team in need of a player.

  18. Matthew Bray - Added 09/19/17
    Comments: I am looking to become part of the available players list for your league! I've been playing for about ten years now. I am 27 and looking to join an intermediate coed team. I am open to others leagues as well though! I am must comfortable on defense, but would like to gain experience in other positions. I am athletic and a quick learner. I'm also kind of a goof, so I might add a little entertainment to the team! Thank you and have a good day!

  19. Gretchen Gilbreath - Added 09/28/17
    Comments: Just moved to Richmond from KC. 25 years old and I have played soccer my whole life. I'm happy to play any position -- even keeper. If there are any teams still looking for players, let me know!

  20. Alli - Added 09/28/17
    Comments: My name is Alli and I'm 32. Just moved to VA for some work things. Played soccer most of my life and was blessed to play Division I in college. Spent most of my twenty plus years as center midfielder, be it defensive or offensive, but can play most positions. I'm looking to play on a fairly competitive team if possible. Also looking to make some friends and have some fun! Thanks

  21. Matthew Quintana - Added 09/30/17
    Comments: I recently moved here from Georgia and am looking for a competitive soccer league. I am a goalkeeper who played high school and college soccer. I am very eager to play competitively again, and would be very appreciative if you could help me find a team.

  22. Arek Dabrowski - Added 10/02/17
    Comments: Recently moved to RVA from PA. Im 27, and I've played varsity throughout high school and played on a D3 collegiate team. I've mostly played as a striker, but I've done time in center mid, as well (both as a defensive mid, and an attacking mid).

  23. Amy Lemons - Added 10/02/17
    Comments: I just moved back to Richmond three months ago and played Olympic development state team and also Richmond Strikers. I am 35 and play left forward or center forward. Thanks!!!

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