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Teams Looking For Players

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - July 24, 2021

  1. Donna Woodburn - Added 03/02/21
    Comments: Good morning! A few friends and I are trying to find a team to play on together for the spring coed season. Could we be posted together? Quick bios on us below:
    • Group of three friends looking to join a coed team together! 2 girls, 1 guy.
    • Donna: 25, midfield but wherever is fine. I’ve played soccer all my life, and played club soccer at VCU.
    • Tia: 26, played basically my whole life, forward/mid. Played club soccer at VCU.
    • Wes: 30, played on and off for a few years, plays anywhere, but usually defense.
    All of us are completely vaccinated and ready to get back on a team!Thank you!

  2. Jan Pavel Kovar - Added 03/05/21
    Comments: 36 years; I am looking forward to being on a team. It's healthy to stay in shape and play in a game, on a team, to understand teamwork. I trained and played from 7 years old up to 9th grade and never returned into organized sports since. I always was looking to be in as forward, any position works. I enjoy playing the game and improving technique. Best Regards Jan Pavel Kovar

  3. Hunter Purcell - Added 03/12/21
    Comments: Age: 23. Experience: Played competitive travel and high school soccer, multiple years of adult league experience since. Position: Experience with and capable of playing any position, outside back/mid preferred. Description: New to the area, looking for a team to play with to get back into the swing of adult rec league soccer here in rva pseudo-post pandemic.

  4. Jorge Rodriguez - Added 03/13/21
    Comments: 37 years old. I started to play since when I was 5 years old. I prefer Midfield or forward. I love soccer! Sent from my iPhone

    Todd Vest - Added 03/23/21
    Comments: 54 played growing up, coached my kids and played intramural in college. Will play anywhere except Goalie.

  6. Adam Dawes - Added 03/23/21
    Comments: 32 years old. Good with both feet. Played outdoor and indoor soccer since age 5. Travel soccer from age 9 to 17. Played CVSA most of my adult life. Best positioned at RW, LW, or at CDM. Fitness wise I'd say I'm fit for 3rd division in traditional CVSA divs. Maybe 2nd division once I get back in shape.

  7. Brandon Reynolds - Added 03/26/21
    (757) 717-8180
    Comments: Description: 15 years experience but 3 years off of the field, Age 32, Division: Coed, Position: striker, midfield.

  8. Dylan Nolan - Added 04/16/21
    804 836 3511
    Comments: 22, just moved here from the UK, and I'm very keen to start playing again and meet people. Played through school and university, not sure what division I'm suited to, but hopefully first. 6'5", in decent shape. I usually play CM or RB. Hmu, I'd love to join a practice or something ??

    Patrick McCue - Added 04/20/21
    Comments: Looking to join the CVSA over 40 leave. Have not played in years but lead an active lifestyle. Please let me know if I could join this season or next.

  10. April Rojas - Added 05/20/21
    Comments: I just moved to the Richmond area and I just graduated from Longwood University. I played soccer about 5 years and played as a forward and and some experience in defense. I took a break from soccer and went to rugby for 4 years and now would love to get back into soccer. I have a open schedule so far and my best contact cell number.

  11. Helen Ludwig - Added 05/25/21
    Comments: I am a 25 year old female. It has been years since I have played and would like a team who is willing to provide the patience for me to learn soccer again. When I did play I was an excellent defense player. I am available the weekends and weekdays (after work on weekdays, 7-3)

  12. TEAM LOOKING FOR PLAYERS - Added 05/25/21
    (804) 869-9564
    Comments: I have two teams that need players. NCF Villalobos FC is my Third Division team and I need 3 experienced players in mid field, def and forward. I also have a Coed Recreational Division team called NCF Wolfpack Mix FC. I need a couple of’s a new team so if anybody wants to play please call or text me at (804) 869-9564 my name is Eduardo. Thanks!

    Joe LeNoir - Added 05/27/21
    (804) 335-7462
    Comments: I’m 40, looking for an over 40 or over 30 place to play. I was a good high school and club player, and continued playing indoor for a few years after that, but it’s been awhile and a few hip surgeries. Played left winger and #10 (we called it center-mid back then), but I think I could play anything but striker or keeper.

  14. Bart Pitchford - Added 05/27/21
    571 524 0461
    Comments: I haven't played in a while; played a lot 10 years ago; 34yo.

  15. Nishith Patnaik - Added 06/10/21
    434 333 8814
    Comments: Age -31 I play with both foot and have good ball control n sense. I can play LW, RW, CM, CAM. I have a good eye for passing and assisting and also score goals. Have played football all my life and in CVSA for the past 4-5 yrs.

  16. Jesus Valenzuela - Added 06/11/21
    (757)310 9775
    Comments: I am 22yo, Male. I am really looking forward to being part of a team. Played High School Soccer, couple of years of adult league soccer, Club team college. Currently playing college football (Punter) at VSU. Position CDM, Left Wing, Striker.

    Jesse Bain - Added 06/12/21
    Comments: I am a 45 year old guy looking to get back on the field. Played competitively at one point but that was 2 decades and 40 pounds ago. Looking to play on weekday nights for a middle division team, men's or coed. Thanks.

  18. Nishith Patnaik - Added 06/15/21
    434 333 8814
    Comments: Age -31 I play with both foot and have good ball control n sense. I can play LW, RW, CM, CAM. I have a good eye for passing and assisting and also score goals. Have played football all my life and in CVSA for the past 4-5 yrs.

  19. Wesley Pike - Added 06/15/21
    239 214 5671
    Comments: 24yo and I'm a goalkeeper. I'm looking to play in the premiere division if possible. I've got a lot of experience: I played for years in the premier division back home in South Africa for a number of teams. I played for a U19 and U21 professional team, my D1 university's team, and a D1 high school team. I know the season just started, so even if you need a filler for a game or two to see what I can do, contact me at any time!

  20. Keith Newman - Added 06/16/21
    Comments: Good afternoon, I’ve played soccer since I was 5 years old, recreational, school, travel and ODP. I currently play at SCOR. I’m looking to get on a CVSA team. I am a 38 year old male and birthday is 10/02/1982.

    Gomez - Added 06/27/21
    (520) 354-0076
    Comments: Hello 50yr old female looking for an over 40 co-Ed REC team and a Women’s team to begin ASAP (two teams for the summer). I ’m newish to Richmond (before COVID) I moved here from Tucson AZ for work. I have played coed rec soccer all of my adult life but have not played in 5 years now. And although I exercise regularly—I am not in “soccer shape”…yet!

    Abdelhak Kerroub - Added 06/28/21
    (804) 806-1312
    Comments:I’m 40, like to play on VETERANS DIVISION.

  23. Matt Hiser - Added 06/25/21
    Comments: Age: 33 Experience: played competitive travel through high school as well as varsity high school soccer. Continued to play rec / intramural level (both men's and corec) through college and adult years. Preferred position: midfield, but really comfortable just about anywhere. Level: moderately competitive (men's or corec).

  24. Cormac Williamson - Added 06/28/21
    Comments: I am 20 years old from Scotland looking to join a team, been mainly playing 5 a side games for the past few years and have been playing since I was 14 or so. Will play anywhere apart from centre half and keeper.

  25. Kofi and Jamal - Added 07/06/21
    Kofi: 804-882-1917 / Jamal: 804-852-3626
    Comments: Kofi and Jamal are two 22yo players looking to play Division 1 or possibly Division 2 soccer this fall. We both have ample experience playing for the kickers and we have played CVSA soccer for four seasons in the past. Kofi's preferred position is left winger/midfielder and Jamal is more of a center forward or striker. But we can contribute anywhere on the attacking side and are willing to adapt.

    Willie Richards - Added 07/13/21
    Comments: Whats up and how's it soccer family. I am 41 years young and want to to get back out on the pitch to play the beautiful game. Still in great shape, but may have lost a step or two over the years. Most of my ridiculous career was playing keeper, and then midfield. I killed it in the net, just sayin! Looking to play with the fellas, doesn't matter if it's regular or Veterans which by the way seems like a low blow to the elders on this list, CVSA haha! If it is, ignore it because I will hang with the best (well maybe like the 4th best). HMU!

    Kerry Wilt - Added 07/20/21
    Comments: Looking for a team to join probably veterans/over 30/over 40/coed. Currently 41, played soccer all my life and played 2 seasons of division 2 college ball. Played CVSA a few years back but looking to get back into it. Play midfield and defensive mid most of my life but open to all positions. Thanks!

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