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Henrico Parks & Rec has closed Dorey Park due to wet conditions; All games are postponed.

All postponed games will be rescheduled. Please stay off of the fields.

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - May 24, 2017

  1. Flávio Forte - Added 02/21/17
    E-Mail: flavioforte71@gmail.com
    (804) 869-1451
    Comments: Hello! I'm 31 years old and would love to play again this season. Played 3 seasons for the Richmond FC and reached the 3a Division. I am now looking for another 4 team division below. I can play right back, forward or wherever you need. I am not a professional player but I go to every game and I'm dedicated to helping the team. I'm improving my english, but this is not a problem.

  2. Robert Fitzgerald - Added 02/22/17
    E-Mail: Rlfitzgerald2@hotmail.com
    Comments: I’m 24 and looking to play again. Played from the age of 4 – 18.

  3. Evan Mishler - Added 03/03/17
    E-Mail: mishler.evan@gmail.com
    Comments: I'm 31 and looking to play Thursdays in a fairly low key level league. I haven't played in a while, but growing up I played year round until College. I played pretty much all field positions in High School, but probably these days I'm a bit out of shape for mid.

  4. Lloyd C. Bishop, III & Paul Baik, & Christian Raymer - Added 03/06/17
    E-Mail: iblcb3@yahoo.com
    E-Mail: paulbaik56@gmail.com
    E-Mail: cbenoit12@live.com
    • (Lloyd): Myself and my friend have played for the past 2 seasons for Coach Matt Eades, And I recently found out that Mr. Eades was unable to have a team due to lack of players so he merged with another team and we still want to have the opportunity to play in the Co-Ed Adult League again for spring 2017. I have been coaching and playing soccer for over 15 years I am a team player and will provided assistance where ever needed my best position is Mid-field. Age 43.

    • (Paul) Age 22: Been playing soccer for over 8 yrs., I am a team player and will play anywhere needed , but my best position is Goalie.

    • (Christian): Has played soccer for 5 years, and he is able to play both Mid-Field and Forward, Is a strong Team Player and well versed in all fundamentals of the Game, still improving his skills and Techniques. Would Like to have the opportunity to play and wants to be added on the same team as us if at all possible.

  5. Dan Lidster - Added 03/09/17
    E-Mail: Dlidster@live.com
    Comments: Played D1 NCAA for 4 years. 27 yrs old, decently fit...ish. Looking to play at the highest level. Played forward but will play any position.

  6. Trey Creekmore - Added 03/13/17
    E-Mail: michaelohehir@yahoo.com
    Comments: DOB 4/21/1992, Playing Level Beginner( Played Some In Middle school, But Not Since, Interested In Playing This Upcoming Spring Season.

  7. Nick Candelora - Added 03/18/17
    E-Mail: nick.candelora@gmail.com
    (601) 259 - 4444
    Comments: I am trying to register for adult league (CO-ED division preferably). I am also a referee for adult league and CVSRA. I am 25 years old. I have played soccer all my life. I played in high school, college, odp back in the day. I prefer to play forward, but I can play any position, even goalkeeper.

  8. Justin Hollinger - Added 03/21/17
    E-Mail: jdhollinger1@comcast.net
    Comments: I'm 26 and an intermediate player, but have only been playing pickup on and off the last few years. Looking to get back into more competitive games. I'm a full back whose played in the wing and center positions in both flat and diamond back setups.

  9. Ernest Agyemang - Added 03/23/17
    E-Mail: edagyemang@hotmail.com
    Comments: Please I am looking for a men soccer team to play with. I am 36 years old man who been play soccer all his life.

  10. Joey Luckett - Added 03/28/17
    E-Mail: JLuckett@mapcom.com
    Comments: I’m 24 years old and I live in Downtown Richmond. I’ve played pick up soccer before but I would classify myself as a beginner. I would love to play offense.

  11. Dominik Fierro - Added 04/09/17
    E-Mail: dominikfierro123@gmail.com
    Comments: 21, in the navy, and extremely athletic played soccer threw highscool as a left defensive mid, which is the position I hope to play again but open to any position just really want to get back into the game.

  12. Dave Koscielny - Added 04/13/17
    E-Mail: david.koscielny@gmail.com
    Comments: 27 years old, played in college at Marietta in Ohio. I also played in a competitive league in Michigan. I prefer to play Fullback (either wing). Looking to play at any level.

  13. Wesley Wilson - Added 04/13/17
    E-Mail: vacsstar@gmail.com
    Comments: I played soccer for 17 years total. I am 21 years old, I played CDM and RM most of my life. 3 years varsity in HS and played travel most of my life as well. I am looking to play and have some fun this summer,

  14. Arturo Ruiz - Added 04/17/17
    E-Mail: arturo.ruiz.92@gmail.com
    Comments: 24, I am new to Richmond from NJ and am looking to forward to join a coed team. I've played for a highschool and college intermurals level. I'll usually play in the back but I like playing up at times. Also, I won't miss a game.

  15. Rob Wootton - Added 04/19/17
    E-Mail: Rwootton2010@gmail.com
    757.577.2420 / 804.458.7414
    Comments: Recently moved from Williamsburg. Can play in the field on lower leagues/veteran league, D mid, A mid, striker but goal is my position and can still play at high level there, even though now 44. Played through college, on adult league teams since, coached for over 15 years, USSF National D license, most recent with Tidewater Sharks in Williasmburg.

  16. Hannah Fournier - Added 04/19/17
    E-Mail: livelaughsports@gmail.com
    Comments: I’m 20 years old, been playing since I could walk. Played competitive and rec soccer all the way through high school, also played on the senior varsity team all four years. Now I play club and some intramural in college. Looking for some good competition in either a women’s or coed division (11v11), I’m a very versatile player, can play midfield or forward (I prefer the right side but can do either). Extremely fast and good with my head.

  17. Julia Trueworthy - Added 04/19/17
    E-Mail: julworthy@gmail.com
    Comments: Hi I'm 21 yrs old I love soccer played my entire life and played for my high school team, looking to join a women's team.

  18. David Gundlach - Added 04/19/17
    E-Mail: gundlach.david@gmail.com
    Comments: I'm 31-years-old. I grew up playing travel soccer, then intramurals in college, and off-and-on in men's leagues as I've been moving around over the last several years. I just moved back to Richmond recently. I'm an intermediate player. I play mostly defense and midfield.

  19. Kenneth Breen - Added 04/20/17
    E-Mail: kennybreen72@gmail.com
    Comments: I'm currently in the process of relocating to Richmond for the summer at the very least. I am a 26 year old Irish national who has been playing football for the past 18 years, playing underage football with Drogheda Boys, Home Farm and Drogheda United. After a quick stint with Drogheda Town in the Leinster Senior League I moved over to Boyne Rovers in which I was captain of the League winning side. I play in a central mid/attacking mid position and I am looking to join a competitive team. At the minute I only have an Irish International phone number but I will be living out in the Sandston area from Monday 24th April. I'd appreciate any help in getting me fixed up with a club in the coming week or two.

  20. Jessica Kurtis - Added 04/23/17
    E-Mail: jkurtis94@gmail.com
    Comments: Im 22 years old, I've been playing since I was 4 both recreationally and competitively, and did 2 years in a D3 program in NY before moving to Richmond VA. I've been here about a year and have played through SCOR but Im also looking to join a women's or coed 11v11 team for this summer.

  21. Lesley Read - Added 04/25/17
    E-Mail: lesley.read@hotmail.com
    Comments: I am 23 years old and I would love to join a team to play co-ed competitively. I played travel/HS up until college, then stopped to get my degree. I have been very involved with soccer since; coaching and officiating. Currently I've played outdoor adult leagues, and indoor at scor. I want to play 11v11 again.

  22. Tyler Huband - Added 04/25/17
    E-Mail: hubandt@gmail.com
    Comments: Hey folks I’m 29 years old and living on the south side of RVA. I would love to get back in on some competitive play but mostly just want to have some fun and work on my fitness. Been a few years since I’ve been on a field but I have played soccer my whole life. Pretty versatile as either a striker or fullback. Full night and weekend availability.

  23. Tyler Favale - Added 04/30/17
    E-Mail: favaletij@comcast.net
    Comments: I just graduated college and will be returning to Richmond in June. I am looking for a team to play on in a summer league of some sort. Age: 22. Position: Keeper/Forward. I play goalkeeper primarily and I played throughout high school, recreationally in college, and briefly in Sweden in a local league. I am looking for a team to play with in the Summer. No preference in division, but don't want to disappoint any high division teams if I'm a little rusty.

  24. Christopher Ryan - Added 05/01/17
    E-Mail: chris.ryan1999@gmail.com
    202 297 5552
    Comments: I am moving to the area in May and would love to join a veterans summer league team to meet some mates! I moved to the US from the UK in '99 and lived in NVA where I played open age in the WISL for 14 years. Most recently, I have played in Tampa, FL where I have lived for the last four years.

  25. Danyl Chung - Added 05/03/17
    E-Mail: chungda92@gmail.com
    Comments: Looking to join a lower-level team for fun. Played travel club in Virginia Beach throughout middle school and high school. I prefer to play either right back or center/right mid.

  26. Keoni Rison - Added 05/03/17
    E-Mail: john.rison@dom.com
    Comments: Just finished my sophomore year at CNU. I play soccer at CNU and I am looking for competitive team /league for him so he can keep in shape this summer. 20 years old, played ODP, Plays at CNU. Wing, forward and defense.

  27. Julia Lennarz & Mallory McNelis - Added 05/04/17
    E-Mail: lennarzje@vcu.edu
    804 517 7084
    Comments: I am very interested in playing for a coed team this summer! I am a freshman at VCU (18 years old). This is my first year not playing soccer- I was on the Richmond Strikers Elite Clubs National League team until 2015, and have been playing soccer since I was a toddler. I also played on the varsity team for Collegiate school all four years of highschool. I would prefer to play on a team that's not super competitive, but I will be happy to be placed on any team! I usually play as a forward but I also have a lot of experience as a midfielder (I prefer wing). My friend and I (Mallory McNelis) were hoping to be on the same team, but I understand if that's not possible.

  28. Christian Otto Redmon - Added 05/07/17
    E-Mail: redmon57917@gmail.com
    Comments: I'm originally from Ukraine , love everything about soccer, I played for high school , Fc Richmond magic. Looking for high competitive level division. My position is a striker.

  29. Osmar (Oz) Almaraz - Added 05/11/17
    E-Mail: oalmaraz517@gmail.com
    Comments: Age: 26. I have played ever since I was a kid. Played in high school in the Northern VA area. Played recreationally in college and currently play indoor at SCOR in Richmond. Not sure how the divisions are laid out, but would like to play at a somewhat competitive level. I prefer playing up top as Forward, but I am open to playing anywhere I am needed.

  30. Juan Sanmartin - Added 01/01/17
    E-Mail: sanmarjx21@gmail.com
    E-Mail: sacketme@dukes.jmu.edu
    (757) 771-6019
    Comments: My roommate and I are looking for a team to play with this summer/fall. I am 23, played on my high school team and travel teams, but it has been awhile since I've played competitively. I play defense, preferably center back but can also play the sides. Looking for a team in the second or third division. My roommate is 24 years old, just moved to Richmond and would love to join a team. He has played soccer all his life both competitive and intramural. He usually plays midfield but will play wherever you need. Contact at (757) 771-6019 or .

  31. Adam Blandin - Added 05/15/17
    E-Mail: ajblandi@asu.edu
    Comments: I'm 29 and play on a CVSA fall/spring team, but would like to join a summer team. I am looking for a pretty competitive league. I play center mid and fullback.

  32. Raymond Rengifo - Added 05/16/17
    E-Mail: rayrengifo@yahoo.com
    Comments: I am 32 years old and have played soccer for over 20 years. I played in high school, clubs (U16 through U19), and a year in college. My main position is central midfield, but I have also played the a fullback role (on both wings – I can pretty much play equally well with both legs), and even forward (in high school). I pretty much play where needed except goalie (I am not a very good goalie). I am looking to play competitively, but wouldn’t mind if there is a chance to play recreationally (all men’s league preferably) to get to know more people as I am new to Richmond.

    Bill Barnes & Brendan Workman - Added 05/16/17
    E-Mail: bill@thinkBIG.agency
    Comments: age 47, position Midfield or forward, level of play would be a lower division since this is my first year playing in almost 8 years.

    Kevin Carter - Added 05/16/17
    E-Mail: kevinlcarter@comcast.net
    Comments: I would like to be considered for a veterans team. I was born in 76 . I played in 2nd division this spring, i am referee also. Have a Good Day

  35. Aaron Hill - Added 05/17/17
    E-Mail: aaronhill19@gmail.com
    Comments: I'm 26-years-old. I've been playing soccer and most other sports since around age 5 so I'm quite familiar with how to play. When it comes to soccer, I'm a fairly solid player, I've got good vision, passing and shooting ability, my dribbling and skill moves could still use improvement. I usually am best at playing forward preferably left wing and I'm okay with left midfield or CAM as well. I enjoy scoring if the opportunity arises, but I tend to be more of a build up/set up player, I don't usually like to cross even though I like playing wing positions, I prefer to cut in and do a driven pass and sometimes a lob through pass. My height is around 5'7" and I weigh around 155 so I've got more pace then strength and power, I am more dominant with my left foot than right. I'd either like to join a team that has room and would be of interest and/or if others are interested I'd be perfectly fine with starting a team as well.

  36. Hasni Djouadi - Added 05/17/17
    E-Mail: hasni.djouadi@gmail.com
    Comments: I would like to be added to the available players list! My name is Hasni Djouadi, I'm a 24 year old VCU student. I used to play soccer while I was in high school, so it has been a little while. I always played forward, especially left side of the field. I was hoping to get back into playing recreational soccer. However, I have asthma and can sometimes struggle to play for long periods of time. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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