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Registration is open for the Summer '16 season.


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The Summer '16 Operational Guide is posted as well.

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - May 27, 2016

  1. Jeff Porter - Added 03/01/16
    Comments: I am 30 years old and will be relocating to Richmond (Shockoe Slip) for work in March. I played varsity high school and college soccer at a small college. I’m 5’11” 170 pounds and stay in good shape throughout the season. I consistently show up. I can play any position other than goalkeeper, but am best at right-back (who attacks a lot) or as a box-to-box midfielder. I am currently playing 90 minutes a game every Sunday on a good quality men’s league team in Arizona.

  2. Jimmy Foley - Added 03/02/16
    Comments: 23 year old intermediate skill player. I have played in college for intramurals and casually with friends, would love to get on a team and play competitively. I've typically played midfield/defense but I am in good shape and can fill any holes your team has. 6'1" 175lbs. Looking for adult men's or co-ed team.

  3. Wesley Wilson - Added 03/04/16
    Comments: I am 20 years old I have played soccer all my life I swim in college and play soccer on the side still.I am from Chester VA I played last year and i'm looking to play again this year. I play RM and CDM any level of competition is fine.

  4. Ben Bryant - Added 03/05/16
    804-737-4353 / 804-366-7750
    Comments: I’m 17 years old, born and raised in the Richmond area and I’ve always had a laissez-faire relationship with soccer. I played some in middle school and some recreational indoor at VCU, but I never really got serious about it as baseball and volleyball took precedence during high school. However, I have always been decent at ball handling and creating chances and I try to stay as fit and athletic as possible, so I can adapt on the field. I’m looking to play any position except for goalkeeper. Looking for a men’s team for the spring.

  5. Emily Valencia - Added 03/06/16
    (412) 398-2214
    Comments: I recently moved to RVA a few months ago. I am 27, and honestly have no real soccer experience since childhood. But I am an active person (I am currently training for my 3rd half marathon and have been practicing yoga for 6 years). Either way, I would love to meet people, learn more about soccer, and have fun!

  6. Kyle Moore - Added 03/16/16
    Comments: I'm 26, played travel soccer growing up, and just started playing again in the fall. I played in the New River Valley adult league, mostly at CM and LB. Those are my preferred positions, along with LM, although I'm open to any outfield position. Looking for a mid- division men's or co-ed team.

  7. David Rolfe - Added 03/21/16
    Comments: Age 41, Skilled, but aging...probably a D4 or D5 player, Position: Sweeper; Looking to get on a Spring 2016 outdoor team, preferably on Sunday or Thursday afternoon/evenings.

  8. Jessica Kurtis - Added 03/22/16
    (585) 403-2567
    Comments: I'm a very experience player having played 6 year of HS varsity (came on in 8th grade) and 2 years of Division 3 college soccer (plus 2 year of club at the college level). I just moved from NY to Richmond and want to keep playing. I'm looking for a female team only and preferably in an upper division as I want to keep in shape and keep challenging myself. In high school I played a center back position or a left wing, in college I played almost exclusively left wing. I am right footed but have developed both right and left well. My fitness is unfortunately not as good as it used to be since I've taken a break but is still above average.

  9. Hillary Framson - Added 04/04/16
    Comments: Good afternoon! I'm 26 years old and have played soccer on and off all my life. I've recently moved to Richmond and have been missing soccer. I'm happy to play for either a woman's team or a co-ed team, and I prefer to play defense.

  10. Salmaan Allibhai - Added 04/05/16
    Comments: I am 24 years old looking to join a men's or co-ed team. I played competitively through high school and in rec leagues since then. I just moved from Arlington, VA and played the last three years in the NVASA league. Mostly play midfield, but have experience playing all positions. I am hoping to join a team as soon as possible.

  11. Kabba Jobe - Added 04/12/16
    (804) 982-2588
    Comments: I am a very competivtive player looking for a recreational competitive team. I have been Playing since high school level and on many different levels since then. age-25. level of play-Premiere, Second, or First Division. desired Position- Striker, Point, Wing Back Left, Wing Back Right, Central Defense

  12. Maria Gutierrez - Added 04/23/16
    Comments: Hi! I am a 42 year old looking to play on a co-ed team. I played mid-field in high school, but am open to any position. I am a competitive athlete that loves the sport of soccer and the ability to play with international players.

  13. Wren Sinclair - Added 05/01/16
    Comments: I have played soccer for most of my life competitive for 13+ years, briefly in college. I enjoy the game very much. I am 24, main position primarily consist of any defensive position but I enjoy playing striker or midfield, I am open to play whatever position is needed.

  14. Karim Masri - Added 05/03/16
    Comments: I am looking to join a Co-Ed and Men recreation outdoor team. I play defense.

    Austin Welder - Added 05/04/16
    Comments: longtime CVSA player looking to get in on the Veterans Division

    Thad Williamson - Added 05/04/16
    Comments: Age 46, looking to get on a roster.

    Ivan Alzuro - Added 05/04/16
    Comments: Currently head of Club Atlético; looking to get on a team as our club had no interest for the Veterans Division.

  18. Julia Lennarz - Added 05/04/16
    804 517 7084
    Comments: Hi! I am very interested in playing for a coed team this summer! I am a freshman at VCU (18 years old). This is my first year not playing soccer- I was on the Richmond Strikers Elite Clubs National League team until 2015, and have been playing soccer since I was a toddler. I also played on the varsity team for Collegiate school all four years of highschool. I would prefer to play on a team that's not super competitive, but I will be happy to be placed on any team! I usually play as a forward but I also have a lot of experience as a midfielder (I prefer wing). My friend and I (Mallory McNelis) were hoping to be on the same team, but I understand if that's not possible.

    Blake Wiseman - Added 05/05/16
    (804) 426-6238
    Comments: I would definitely be interested in an Over 40 League! My rec team is also thinking about fielding a Summer League team and if they do, I will stay with my current team. If not, however, I would certainly like to do an Over 40 team. Thanks.

  20. Oscar Caceros - Added 05/06/16
    Comments: I'm interested in getting on a team this summer.

    Anthony Bryant - Added 05/10/16
    Comments: Hi I'm interested in playing in the veterans division.

  22. Matt Amantea - Added 05/12/16
    (636) 236-1467
    Comments: Age: 31. I grew up playing competitive soccer in St Louis. I've played everything from striker to sweeper to defense to goalie. I played too much soccer growing up though, and switched to football in high school when I got sick of it...and on top of that Track and Field came first. I was a competitive NCAA sprinter and jumper. I'm ready to knock the rust off though, and willing to play for any team looking for a warm (still fast, athletic and relatively fit) body.

  23. Brian Delfs - Added 05/13/16
    804 232 0362 / 908 917 4225
    Comments: 19 years old; High school and adult rec; Anywhere but keeper, most of my experience has been at winger and right mid. Coming home for Summer from college. Level of play would range from co-ed rec to moderate competitive. Available May 14 - Late August/weekdays after 5 and all day weekends. Most of my experience comes from playing pick up soccer in inner-city Newark, NJ with local players.

  24. Connor White - Added 05/17/16
    Comments: Age 25- I have played competitive soccer my entire life. Captained an NCSL division 1 team and played ODP in Northern Virginia. Played 1 season of college soccer at University of Mary Washington before transferring to VCU. Played sweeper or holding midfielder my whole life but comfortable anywhere on the left side of the field. Would love to play in the mens league or coed league preferably in a higher level division.

  25. Liam Mulshine - Added 05/19/16
    (518) 681-6755
    Comments: I'm 20 years old, and have 4 years of Varsity high school and club soccer experience. I played center midfield throughout most of my career; however, I'm open to playing other positions if need be! I am currently a Division 1 Nordic Skier in college, which definitely keeps me in shape, and play pickup games whenever I can with friends. Please let me know if you need a player!

  26. Greg Rogers - Added 05/20/16
    Comments: I'm a 21 year old looking to join a team at any level, but the more competitive the better. I've only been playing soccer for a year and a half on W&M's club team, but I've been an athlete my whole life, running for 10 years and swimming for 6, including D1 in college. I'll only be in Richmond for the summer. I prefer to play a midfielder role, probably best at a defensive mid position.

  27. Chris Endries - Added 05/24/16
    Comments: I'm a 20-year-old male looking to play during the summer. I've played all my life in rec or travel leagues. I haven't played on a team in two years so I'm looking for a casual team. I could play in the midfield.

  28. Logan Pickles - Added 05/27/16
    Comments: I would like to join a team for the summer or fall season. I 33 years old. Looking for a fun team to play co-ed or on a lower division men’s team. I’ve played since I was 5. I played travel soccer from ages 14-18 and 3 years of varsity in high school. I’m a team player so I am willing to play any position. I spent most of my years playing midfield or defense. I am probably best suited for a defensive position.

  29. Kofi and Jamal - Added 05/27/16
    Comments: Kofi and Jamal are two very experienced 17 year old soccer players. Kofi plays left wing or anywhere attacking and Jamal prefers the central striker position. We have been playing since we were 10 years old and continue to all year round. We would like to find a summer division team

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