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Registration is open for the Spring '16 season.


To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after five months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after five months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - February 11, 2016

  1. Shane West - Added 10/18/15
    Comments: I am 36 years old and recently moved to RVA with my wife. We live in Henrico. I played varsity soccer in sigh school and received a soccer scholarship to college in which I played for a semester before joining the military. While in the military, I played for the All Navy team in San Diego, CA for two years. I have also played for several adult leagues during my military career. I prefer to play forward (center or right) and striker, but can play any position if needed.

    My wife has also expressed interest in joining a woman's league if available. She is 30 and played varsity soccer in school.

  2. Daniel Moultrie - Added 10/19/15
    Comments: i played high school and collegiate soccer. i am 19 years old looking for a team to participate with in the spring and summer. i play the wing and forward. I go to school in Petersburg but from Richmond. I love to play soccer this is my passion. The level of play does not matter, but i like to play above my level because i have to accommodate myself to their standards and improve.

  3. Melissa Carter - Added 11/01/15
    Comments: I’m 23 years old and looking for a recreational team (co-ed or women’s) for the fall or spring season. I've played rec (on Chesterfield united) from age 6 until college and miss playing the game. I always played either midfield or forward.

  4. Justin Everson - Added 11/04/15
    Comments: Im 32, 187lbs. I have many years of experience with southern style of play. I play smart, but I'm tough at the same time. Main position - left fullback, Speed, power, and communicate well, in shape. History: HS travel team, Alabama State Team, International Travel Team, University of Alabama Club Team, Birmingham Adult Club team, Richmond Adult club team 3rd -8th division - looking for adult league mens or coed - looking to have fun along with competitive play.

  5. Bobby Batta - Added 01/26/16
    (804) 338-8355
    Comments: Looking for a team to start playing again after a season off. I have been playing competitively for over 10 years. Age 24. Able to compete at any level of play. Can play any position.

  6. Aziz Rabih - Added 01/27/16
    (804) 325-7712
    Comments: I'm a 36-year-old man and I’ve been playing soccer since I was a boy in Morocco! I play indoor soccer at RISE and from time to time outdoor with friends and play CVSA Coed Thursday nights . I played with high school and city teams back in Morocco. Traditionally I play in a distributing position in the midfield. My best position is attacking mid. I prefer to not play defense. Looking for a team that plays Sundays or any other day except Thursday.

  7. Igor Martic - Added 01/27/16
    Comments: Hello. I’m 25 years old, born and raised in RVA. I played soccer growing up but nothing too serious. I am only looking for a goalie position. Played goalie for over a year for another D5 male team and really liked it. I’m open to all male or coed teams at any level. I’m 6’3", quick on my feet, jump high (volleyball player), and competitive – my free kicks aren’t great so I usually let one of the defenders take care of that part. Feel free to reach out to me for the Spring season! Thanks.

  8. GOALKEPER NEEDED - Added 01/27/16
    Comments: Galaxy FU in 4th Division is in need of a keeper for the upcoming spring 2016 season. Please contact me at the above email address if you are interested. Thanks, Thomas Ekman.

  9. FEMALE PLAYERS WANTED - Added 01/27/16
    Comments: Thursday coed Rec team is looking for female players.

    Comments: Division 8 team looking for an experienced goalie for the spring season. We may also be able to use a couple of people that have the ability to play defense. Please e-mail if interested.

  11. Nathan Burns - Added 02/01/16
    Comments: Looking for a Spring 2016 Coed Rec team for myself and a female. We are both late 20s. I have played CVSA Men's and Coed for several years - like to play attacking mid or on the wing. She is new to Richmond but played competitively in high school and recreationally ever since - likes to play central defensive mid or wing. Thanks!

  12. Ben Randell - Added 02/01/16
    Comments: I am new to Richmond looking for a team to play with. I am 38 years old played competitive ball through college and then Mens league until I was 32. I have been moving around the last few years so I haven't been on a team. Looking to play in the spring 2016 league. Please let me know if you have any teams available to join.

  13. Kofi & Jamal - Added 02/02/16
    Kofi- 804-644-0142 / Jamal- 804-852-3626
    Comments: We are two experienced players who would love to find a team for Spring 2016. Kofi prefers to play on the left wing or anywhere attacking. Jamal's preferred position is center striker. Both 17 years of age. We would like to be on the same time if that is possible. Anyone who needs two players be sure to contact us!

    Comments: Rack City FC is looking for a few players. Our team has moved from 8th Div to 4th Div. We are looking for a goalie and a few field players. Feel free to email me with your interest.

  15. Blake (a.k.a. "BlakeRunner") - Added 02/03/16
    Comments: 26 year old male who enjoys long walks on the beach and soccer. I played high school soccer with current MLS Houston Dynamo rookie Rob Lovejoy. I mostly sat the bench, but he was a pretty solid player. We were once down 3-0 with about 10 minutes to play and out of sheer disgust with the starters, coach put me in. I managed to score a goal on an unconventional header in which the ball bounced off the back of my head before finding the back of the net. Ultimately, we lost 3-2, but it was certainly a highlight of my early career. Present day, I play on a SCOR mens division 3 team and CVSA division 4 team. I also play on a SCOR Co-ed team but I am unsure of the division. Looking to join a co-ed CVSA team. I typically play center mid, but defense and forward work as well. I know picking up free agents can be a crap shoot, so let me know if you want me to send through some game film and/or sub for your SCOR team so you can assess my skill level. I feel confident I can play at any co-ed level as I am typically as fast as most girls.

    In all seriousness though, I'm a strong central midfielder and I don't think you'll be disappointed to have me join your team.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

  16. Danielle Picard - Added 02/03/16
    (413) 461-5343
    Comments: I'm 25 I just moved down here and played soccer most of my life, not sure if position matters but I am stronger paying front line either center or wings, if u need any other info just let me know what it is and I will send it right to you.

  17. Belmir Smajic - Added 02/03/16
    Comments: Hey, I am a 20 year old male with plenty of soccer experience behind me and am looking to play adult soccer this spring, and the website said to email you guys to be put on a team. I just moved to Richmond and have not been on a team here before.

  18. Raul Martin - Added 02/04/16
    304 640 8434
    Comments: 23 years old from Spain. I have just moved to Glen Allen, just outside Richmond to work after my recent graduation. I player four years of varsity soccer at WVU Tech as center back / defensive midfielder even outside back sometimes. I will love to join any coed team to play on Thursdays. Please let me know if your team has a spot for me. Thanks!

  19. Shannon McGee - Added 02/06/16
    Comments: Im a 32 year old female. I would like to play on a womens or coed team for the spring season. I have a couple of years intramural experience, just looking to play for fun. I do best as mid field or defensive either left or right side. Thanks and look forward to playing!

  20. Brandon McCabe - Added 02/08/16
    Comments: I just moved to Petersburg and am looking to join a team for the spring season. I've been playing soccer for the last 7 years or so, usually as a forward. Please let me know what I need to do the get started. I wouldn't mind playing int coed competitive of some of the lower divisions depending on the skill level.

  21. Andrew Keeney - Added 02/08/16
    Comments: Hi! I'm a 44 y/o male who would like to play on a team this spring. I played in high school and college and a men's league (purely recreational) in my twenties. I would love the opportunity to play!

  22. Sandy Hawkins & Patrick Hawkins - Added 02/10/16
    304 677 8529 / 304 677 8579
    Comments: Request: Sophie Hawkins will like to be on the same team as Landon Hawkins

  23. Sam Welder - Added 02/10/16
    Comments: I am a former 3 year varsity soccer player in high school. I missed my senior season while recovering from knee surgery, and now that I am completely fit to play I am looking for a team in either the 2nd or 3rd division. My main position is forward/right wing, but I also often played defense, specifically as a sweeper.

  24. Christopher Boren - Added 02/10/16
    Comments: I'm 20 years old and am looking to play competitively in the second, first and premier divisions. I also am looking to play indoor and futsal and I don't mind playing in co-ed leagues either. I can play almost anywhere except center back. My strongest positions are left wing and attacking mid. I have college experience and have had stints in the PDL with the Austin Aztex.

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