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Teams Looking For Players

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - April 1, 2021

  1. John Ruiz - Added 02/03/21
    Comments: I have never played in the league and am looking for a team. I have one slight issue just need a ride to the games most likely as I have no car while I’m attending VCU. About me: My name is John Ruiz Senior at VCU looking for a team to play in during this winter / spring time. I’m 21 years old experienced in high school, travel and club college level. I can play all across the backline or in midfield. I’ve got a very competitive attitude but also am very level headed looking to have fun in the end.

  2. Connor Williams - Added 02/07/21
    Comments: I'm 23 years old I am a goal keeper played goalie for almost 10 years of my life into college at randolph college. Stopped after freshman year I hope to find competitive individuals that can compete at a high enough level for my age group but I'm willing to play in open groups. I want to play competitively but to have fun as well. My father is in an open league by the name of Rob Williams also a goal keeper I would love to be on a team against him in the same division of possible

  3. Oscar Melgar - Added 02/11/21
    Comments: I'm oscar Melgar I like to join a team. 41 an up. Thanks. Sent from my iPad

  4. McKinley Hayes - Added 02/15/20
    Comments: I’m 20 years old I’ve been playing soccer for 18 years and I’m looking for a d6-9 team to play on. I can play any position besides goalie but I’m best on midfield or striker.

  5. TEAM LOOKING FOR PLAYERS - Added 02/17/21
    Comments: I have two teams that need players. NCF Villalobos FC is my 3 division team and I need 3 experienced players in mid field, def and forward. I also have a coed rec division team called NCF Wolfpack Mix FC. I need a couple of girls and’s a new team so if anybody want to play please call or text me at (804) 869-9564 my name is Eduardo. Thanks!

  6. Donna Woodburn - Added 03/02/21
    Comments: Good morning! A few friends and I are trying to find a team to play on together for the spring coed season. Could we be posted together? Quick bios on us below:
    • Group of three friends looking to join a coed team together! 2 girls, 1 guy.
    • Donna: 25, midfield but wherever is fine. I’ve played soccer all my life, and played club soccer at VCU.
    • Tia: 26, played basically my whole life, forward/mid. Played club soccer at VCU.
    • Wes: 30, played on and off for a few years, plays anywhere, but usually defense.
    All of us are completely vaccinated and ready to get back on a team!Thank you!

  7. Lindsey Brown - Added 03/04/21
    (804) 896-3824
    Comments: Lindsey Brown, 29, F.
    (804) 896-3824
    I played rec soccer growing up and have been playing on a co-ed indoor team at SCOR for the past three years. I usually play midfield/forward but have played defense in the past as well! Would love to join a team. :)

    Jordan McCammon, 27, M.
    (804) 896-3824
    Played soccer through high school and for a bit with a club team in college. Currently playing indoor soccer on a co-ed team at SCOR. Usually plays midfield/forward, but also can play defense.

  8. Jan Pavel Kovar - Added 03/05/21
    Comments: 36 years; I am looking forward to being on a team. It's healthy to stay in shape and play in a game, on a team, to understand teamwork. I trained and played from 7 years old up to 9th grade and never returned into organized sports since. I always was looking to be in as forward, any position works. I enjoy playing the game and improving technique. Best Regards Jan Pavel Kovar

  9. Tyler Grabham - Added 03/07/21
    Comments: I’m looking to join an outdoor team to play on. Age 25, and I played travel soccer, high school soccer and college soccer with experience at every position including goalkeeper.

  10. Hunter Purcell - Added 03/12/21
    Comments: Age: 23. Experience: Played competitive travel and high school soccer, multiple years of adult league experience since. Position: Experience with and capable of playing any position, outside back/mid preferred. Description: New to the area, looking for a team to play with to get back into the swing of adult rec league soccer here in rva pseudo-post pandemic.

  11. Rachel Mowatt - Added 03/13/21
    Comments: 25yo F looking to join a semi-competitive team open/coed (weekend play). Played outside mid in HS and travel. Looking to get back out there and make some friends as I am new to the area. Best reached through email.

  12. Jorge Rodriguez - Added 03/13/21
    Comments: 37 years old. I started to play since when I was 5 years old. I prefer Midfield or forward. I love soccer! Sent from my iPhone

  13. Aaron Salvia - Added 03/22/21
    Comments: 29 years old played rec ball since i was 9 years old... moved to cvsa mens open d4 when i was 19 and since then played for multiple different divisions ranging from d-5 to premier... most of my time has been spent in division 1 and premier level soccer for cvsa. I also play at xl sports world in the winter season. My main position is center back but can play outside if need be and if on a d3 team or lower play center midfield as well. Havnt been able to touch a ball in about 9 weeks so would like to get a practice or two in to knock rust off and see if i fit in well with the dynamic of the team.

    Todd Vest - Added 03/23/21
    Comments: 54 played growing up, coached my kids and played intramural in college. Will play anywhere except Goalie.

  15. Adam Dawes - Added 03/23/21
    Comments: 32 years old. Good with both feet. Played outdoor and indoor soccer since age 5. Travel soccer from age 9 to 17. Played CVSA most of my adult life. Best positioned at RW, LW, or at CDM. Fitness wise I'd say I'm fit for 3rd division in traditional CVSA divs. Maybe 2nd division once I get back in shape.

  16. Deesh Bhattal - Added 03/25/21
    Comments: I do have youth national (Canada) and professional playing experience in Canada and the U.K. I stayed in the game and coached professionally at the youth, collegiate, and national level. Moving down to Richmond from the Toronto area and looking for some good guys to play with and enjoy the requisite beverages afterward. Career highlights - being on the pitch with members of the class of 92, playing at Azteca, and walking into the pub with full kit on after a match. Cheers

  17. Brandon Reynolds - Added 03/26/21
    (757) 717-8180
    Comments: Description: 15 years experience but 3 years off of the field, Age 32, Division: Coed, Position: striker, midfield.

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