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Teams Looking For Players


For Sunday, April 23, all CVSA games are postponed due to waterlogged fields.

All postponed games will be rescheduled. Please stay off of the fields.

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - April 6, 2017

  1. Jessica Kurtis - Added 01/10/17
    Comments: Im 22 years old, I've been playing since I was 4 both recreationally and competitively, and did 2 years in a D3 program in NY before moving to Richmond VA. I've been here about a year and have played through SCOR but Im also looking to join a women's or coed 11v11 team for this spring.

    David Donaldson - Added 01/15/17
    Comments: Played high school and 4 years college. Relocated to Richmond from Denver. 41 yo, run ultra marathons to keep in good running shape. Looking for a competitive team to play midfield or striker.

  3. Kofi Riddick - Added 01/17/17
    Comments: Kofi and Jamal are two very experienced 18 year old soccer players. Kofi prefers left wing or anywhere attacking and Jamal prefers the central striker position. We have been playing together since we were 10 years old and continue to all year round. We would like to find a team in Division III or higher. We are willing to tryout for higher level teams in an effort to compete at a level that suits our amount of play.

    Comments: Division Four team looking for a few players for the upcoming Spring season. The team plays at a fairly competitive level and would like to add players at any position who have experience playing over the last few years. If interested, please get in touch.

  5. Oscar Gerardo Valdivia Gonzalez - Added 02/01/17
    Comments: I would like to be placed in a team for the spring soccer league. I played soccer throughout high school so I am an experienced player. Feel free to contact me through my cell phone or email with any questions you may have. Thank you!

  6. Jordan Roach - Added 02/02/17
    Comments: I am 35 years old and played soccer all through high school and previously in CVSA. Most recently I played in Minnesota and have moved back to Richmond and am looking to get in with a coed team or one of the lower divisions.

  7. Alex Maso - Added 02/02/17
    Comments: 29 year old guy looking for Coed Rec Thurs night team. Defender. Will shut down my side, show up to all games and will pay promptly.

  8. Matt Russell - Added 02/03/17
    Comments: I am a 31 y.o. male looking for some friendly competition. I played soccer from the age of 4 to 19 year-round. Very competitive in high school but have not done much with the sport since. I am brand new to adult leagues so please let me know what else you may need from me. Look forward to hearing from you.

    High School Accolades: 2001-2004 Center Midfielder/ 1st Team All-State VA & District A Player of the Year

  9. Bobby Johnson - Added 02/05/17
    804 852 0015
    Comments: I am 33 years old. I have been playing with CVSA for three years. I am looking for a Thursday Coed Team. I previously played with Battery FC and currently play on the Nutmegs on Sundays. I usually play the full back position. I am not the best skill player, but I am fast and move well to defend. I have no problem spending time out of the game. Just looking for a team I can contribute to.

  10. Jared Rondeau - Added 02/08/17
    Comments: Recently played soccer in college as a right back for my school's varsity team. Would like to join a lower-level team to keep my skills up. As I am unavailable on the weekends, I am interested in a Coed Division team.

  11. Mutaz Alkhadra - Added 02/09/17
    (804) 721 6166
    Comments: My son and I are looking to join a team. Both of us have very good soccer skills and played for years. Thank you and looking forward to hear from a team.

    Comments: Big Night Out FC coed team is seeking an experienced keeper and female players for the upcoming season. Please contact Shawn Fannon.

  13. Bryan Espinoza - Added 02/12/17
    909 212 9072
    Comments: I'm new to the area and looking for a team to play. I have been playing for 11 years; I am 20 years old. I played in high school. I play midfield and open to any division.

  14. Brett Graham - Added 02/16/17
    Comments: Looking to join team. Experience is high (played since I was 5 , From age 7 up on premier travel squad) . I'm 34 Years of age, Preferred position is Forward or Goalkeeper (experience is high in both). Age 34; Division 3-5.

  15. Humphreys Uba - Added 02/16/17
    Comments: I'm interested in joining a team for the CVSA Spring 17. Please contact me if it is still possible for me to join.

  16. Joe Reckley - Added 02/16/17
    Comments: I'd like to be added to the list of players looking for teams. I'm hoping to join a team for coming season. My info: 30 yo / medium-advanced level / will play anything but goalie :)

  17. Flávio Forte - Added 02/21/17
    (804) 869-1451
    Comments: Hello! I'm 31 years old and would love to play again this season. Played 3 seasons for the Richmond FC and reached the 3a Division. I am now looking for another 4 team division below. I can play right back, forward or wherever you need. I am not a professional player but I go to every game and I'm dedicated to helping the team. I'm improving my english, but this is not a problem.

  18. David Hagen - Added 02/22/17
    Comments: Age: 39. Position: Goalie. Years Experience: 33. I have played every division, took time off after breaking my leg in sand soccer in 2015. Ready to get back to it. Would prefer starting out at a lower division but I'm also up for a challenge. Available only on Sundays.

  19. Robert Fitzgerald - Added 02/22/17
    Comments: I’m 24 and looking to play again. Played from the age of 4 – 18.

  20. Jamie Parker - Added 02/23/17
    804-214-1271 / 804-796-2848
    Comments: I have never played CVSA before and would like to be put on a spring team if possible. I'm Female, 30 years old, defensive player, although it would be nice to get a chance to score sometimes. I played soccer in high school and recreationally a little bit in college.

  21. Andres Maturen - Added 02/25/17
    Comments: I'm a Spanish 30yo very agile center back. With a strong physical style. Looking for a team in needs of a last minute CB. Played 1st division in the fall, willing to play any division.

  22. Michelle Trice - Added 02/26/17
    Comments: I am 25 years old and played soccer all the way up to college. I haven't played in a few years but I am excited to get back on the field! Also, I have three other friends in the same boat who are potentially interest in joining a team (1 girl, 2 guys).

  23. Zachary Robinson - Added 03/06/17
    (757) 320-9863
    Comments: I am 22 years old and very experienced player. Ive played since i was very young and played for my high school and community college but just recently moved to Richmond and looking to join a competitive team because i love to win. My main position is defense, me secondary position is center midfielder.

  24. Peter Miller - Added 03/02/17
    Comments: 33 yo defender/outside midfielder been playing in competitive leagues after playing D3 in college - just moved to richmond from Boston. Looking for a spot on a DI or DII team.

  25. Evan Mishler - Added 03/03/17
    Comments: I'm 31 and looking to play Thursdays in a fairly low key level league. I haven't played in a while, but growing up I played year round until College. I played pretty much all field positions in High School, but probably these days I'm a bit out of shape for mid.

  26. Lloyd C. Bishop, III & Paul Baik, & Christian Raymer - Added 03/06/17
    • (Lloyd): Myself and my friend have played for the past 2 seasons for Coach Matt Eades, And I recently found out that Mr. Eades was unable to have a team due to lack of players so he merged with another team and we still want to have the opportunity to play in the Co-Ed Adult League again for spring 2017. I have been coaching and playing soccer for over 15 years I am a team player and will provided assistance where ever needed my best position is Mid-field. Age 43.

    • (Paul) Age 22: Been playing soccer for over 8 yrs., I am a team player and will play anywhere needed , but my best position is Goalie.

    • (Christian): Has played soccer for 5 years, and he is able to play both Mid-Field and Forward, Is a strong Team Player and well versed in all fundamentals of the Game, still improving his skills and Techniques. Would Like to have the opportunity to play and wants to be added on the same team as us if at all possible.

  27. Igor Martic - Added 03/07/17
    Comments: Goalie looking for Div 3,4,5,6 male team. 26 years old. I am a goalie (only) looking for a div 3,4,5,6 male team. I'm 6'3, 190lb, have been goalie for a few years @ CVSA - took some time off but am back now. Interested in being primary goalie of a team in need. Apologies for late notice but if any competitive (and fun) team can take me at this time I'm open.

  28. Psalm Odedere - Added 03/07/17
    Comments: Just move to fort lee/Hopewell are and I'm looking to join adult soccer team. Preferences: Coed or all male is fine, preferably coed Position: left mid or forward. Experience: I've play this sport all my lifeand it is the sport I'm good at. I have tremendous amount of experience. Availability: weekdays or Sunday is fine.. Any other question please fell free to use any of the contacts I've provided. I've been looking for somewhere to play forever.

  29. Dan Lidster - Added 03/09/17
    Comments: Played D1 NCAA for 4 years. 27 yrs old, decently fit...ish. Looking to play at the highest level. Played forward but will play any position.

  30. Juan Sanmartin - Added 03/12/17
    Comments: am 24 years old, I just moved to Richmond and I would love to join a team. I have played soccer all my life both competitive and intramural. I usually play midfield but I will play wherever you need me to. I am open to all divisions.

  31. Trey Creekmore - Added 03/13/17
    Comments: DOB 4/21/1992, Playing Level Beginner( Played Some In Middle school, But Not Since, Interested In Playing This Upcoming Spring Season.

  32. Mike Norris - Added 03/13/17
    Comments: I’m fairly new to the area and I am interested in playing some soccer. I’m 31 and a goalkeeper with experience. I played in college (only DIII in PA) and throughout graduate school in fairly competitive leagues in NC. I’m not looking for something ultra-competitive anymore and would love to join either a Coed team or a slightly lower division with skilled but laid-back players.

  33. Nick Candelora - Added 03/18/17
    (601) 259 - 4444
    Comments: I am trying to register for adult league (CO-ED division preferably). I am also a referee for adult league and CVSRA. I am 25 years old. I have played soccer all my life. I played in high school, college, odp back in the day. I prefer to play forward, but I can play any position, even goalkeeper.

  34. Alex Matyosian - Added 03/19/17
    (818) 480-1113
    Comments: I am Alex and I am looking for a Premier Division team. I am 26 years old, been playing this beautiful game since 4 years of age. Played throughout high school and played one year of Junior College. I am from Los Angeles and been playing in the leagues over there before moving out to Richmond. I have a car, I do not drink or party which means I will always be at the games on time and not hung over. I play anywhere on the pitch, but I prefer holding midfield. I am very passionate about this beautiful game.

  35. Justin Hollinger - Added 03/21/17
    Comments: I'm 26 and an intermediate player, but have only been playing pickup on and off the last few years. Looking to get back into more competitive games. I'm a full back whose played in the wing and center positions in both flat and diamond back setups.

  36. Ernest Agyemang - Added 03/23/17
    Comments: Please I am looking for a men soccer team to play with. I am 36 years old man who been play soccer all his life.

  37. Joey Luckett - Added 03/28/17
    Comments: I’m 24 years old and I live in Downtown Richmond. I’ve played pick up soccer before but I would classify myself as a beginner. I would love to play offense.

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