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Teams Looking For Players

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - June 3, 2019

  1. Wren Sinclair - Added 04/05/19
    Comments: age 27. Have most recently played with the CVSA 2 years ago and again for a college REC team prior to that. I can play and am willing to play any position (except for keeper). Looking to join for fun, I work out of town some weeks so just a heads up, otherwise I'll be there!

  2. Chris Almendariz & Jayke Schneider - Added 04/20/19
    Comments: We’re both here on Fort Lee, on student status as marines and we were wondering if there was any leagues in the area for us to play on in the weekends he is 19, I am 21. We both have played since childhood, he’s from Massachusetts, I’m from Texas. We both play center and outside mids, if there’s anything available indoor league or out, would greatly appreciate some direction since neither of us are from here. Thanks!

  3. Willie Richards - Added 04/24/19
    Comments: I am 39 yoa and still in great shape. Played soccer all my life. Played keeper/mid for the majority of the time and some of the time as a striker. Would like to be in a division that is a little more high speed.

  4. Justin dougan - Added 04/25/19
    Comments: 20, positive minded, prefer striker or center mid but I can play any position, got love for the game and the beauty of passing. I’ve played basically my whole life and hoping to play some more!

  5. Dominic Norburn - Added 05/05/19
    804 998 7521
    Comments: I’m looking at getting involved with a team that plays outdoors 11v11. I would prefer to be involved with a team that also holds training sessions but this is not essential. I’ve recently moved to the US from England. I have a lot of experience playing football/ soccer while growing up. I’m now 34 years so I have plenty of experience. During my time I have played most positions but feel most comfortable in defence.

  6. Tevin Snell - Added 05/07/19
    Comments: 24 Years Old; Looking for a CVSA Summer team. Highest division. I'm 24, can play striker, winger, or centre mid. Played Premier for a few seasons now.

  7. John Honea - Added 05/09/19
    Comments: I currently have been playing in the Spring for both a Division 6 and Veterans team. Would be interested in joining some Summer league team(s) as well. I am a offensive minded player (Striker).

  8. Ben Gilliatt - Added 05/10/19
    Comments: I'm 32 and I have been playing all my life. The highest level I have played was in college for a small school (SVU) and later for a local community college when they tried to start up a club team (John Tyler). I can play anywhere besides keeper and true striker. I'm out of shape and out of practice and looking to have fun while getting back into both. Text message is the best way to get a hold of me.

  9. Trevor Lavine - Added 05/10/19
    Comments: Male, 28 years old. I have played soccer for around 15 years. Reliable player with pace, always played on the right or left wing for teams in the past. I can also play right/left back effectively. Open to spending some time playing keeper. Looking to join a team in the middle divisions as I am getting back into the game. Pick me up!

  10. Corey Barnes - Added 05/15/19
    Comments: I’m looking to join one of the top Divisions and a Co Ed team. A little about myself I played for a nationally ranked number 2 Hickory Hawks soccer program in Chesapeake, VA in High School and also played travel soccer since a youth. I played Lacrosse at VCU and was a multi sport athlete in High School. Won districts all four years and went to regionals all four years of high school. Four year varsity player in soccer and also went to regionals in 400 sprints. I would say I am a utility player and can play any position except Goalie. Finished my career in defense.

  11. Mamadou Ba - Added 05/23/19
    Comments: Age:17. I have played soccer since I was three my dad was a youth soccer coach. I have participated in four different sports in high school: soccer, track, cross country and volleyball. I have been doing 40-50 miles of running weekly I don’t think nobody is more in shape than me in this whole cvsa league. I can play with both feet and I am versatile so I can play any position. I don’t care if your team is at the top of the division all I ask from a team is effort. I am also more mature than the average 17 year olds. I will be glad to do evaluation just reach out to me.

  12. Isaak Hopson - Added 05/23/19
    Comments: availability: M-F free after 4pm / Sat-Sun free whenever. Level of play - Rec level/level for asthmatics that probably can't run a full 90mins - I am a bit rusty but have been playing a few months now to get back into shape. I am 26 and played from age 5-18 then stopped. I recently started coaching for Richmond kickers u14 rec so I understand the game, running is the hard part. Best attribute is passing and my left foot, my first touch is as good as my heyday, I like to read the game I am 6'1 and 210lbs, and I wouldn't say all those lbs are muscle... I am left footed and prefer to play CAM/CM or LW but I am fine playing CB if that's what the team needs. Looking for outdoor 11v11. I like long walks on the beach, etc.

  13. Ian Johnson - Added 05/24/19
    Comments: I would be interested in joining a team in the coed division. I don’t have a recent soccer Bio as I haven’t played on official team in a while. However my experience includes playing for my college team and coaching High school and middle school teams. I hope this helps. Let me know of any other info you may need.

  14. Emily LoProto - Added 05/28/19
    (703) 963-9520
    Comments: I'm 25 and recently moved to the Richmond VA area from DC and was looking to join a soccer league here. I previously played for a travel team in McLean and Reston during highschool and college club team. I typically play defense and some mid here and there. If there are any teams looking for players, please let me know what I can do/sign up info.

    Comments: Looking for 4 more plyers for my summer team. (Def or ATK) must have knowledge of there position. Give me a call at 804-869-9564 ask for Eduardo.

  16. justin anderson - Added 06/01/19
    Comments: I am interested in playing recreational, coed soccer but don't know how to find myself a team. I am a 22 years old male and haven't played in a few years, despite growing up playing rather frequently. As I am currently approaching the end of my college career, I'm looking for ways to keep myself in shape and to make time for recreational activities. My main goal is to find a better work/fitness/social balance in my life.

  17. Mike Strein - Added 06/02/19
    570 906 0622
    Comments: I was hoping to add my name to the player looking for team list. 28 year old male. Looking to play in a mid-tier division. Played up through high school and started varsity for 2 years, then was an NCAA D1 sprinter in college. Have played forward, outside mid, and defense. Still active and in shape.

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