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Teams Looking For Players

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - September 6, 2019

  1. Dominic Norburn - Added 05/05/19
    804 998 7521
    Comments: I’m looking at getting involved with a team that plays outdoors 11v11. I would prefer to be involved with a team that also holds training sessions but this is not essential. I’ve recently moved to the US from England. I have a lot of experience playing football/ soccer while growing up. I’m now 34 years so I have plenty of experience. During my time I have played most positions but feel most comfortable in defence.

  2. Corey Barnes - Added 05/15/19
    Comments: I’m looking to join one of the top Divisions and a Co Ed team. A little about myself I played for a nationally ranked number 2 Hickory Hawks soccer program in Chesapeake, VA in High School and also played travel soccer since a youth. I played Lacrosse at VCU and was a multi sport athlete in High School. Won districts all four years and went to regionals all four years of high school. Four year varsity player in soccer and also went to regionals in 400 sprints. I would say I am a utility player and can play any position except Goalie. Finished my career in defense.

  3. Chris Smith - Added 08/01/19
    Comments: Age – 35 Lived in UK for 30 years and played through most of that – older and slower now than I’d like but happy to play any position needed – would probably be better suited to lower divisions! Highest level was with Cardiff City but don’t let that fool you – got a hell of a right foot but a left like Oscar Pistorius… just looking to have a run about each week.

  4. KETTERINGTOWN FC / FALL '19 COED - Added 08/01/19
    Comments: Ketteringtown FC looking for male/female players for fall 11v11 coed season. The team is moderate skill level looking for the same or better in players. We are all in our 20’s and have been playing together for a year. All positions welcome, we don’t micromanage. Any position you want to play, you can play. Email at if you are interested.

  5. Ricky Carroll - Added 08/01/19
    Comments: Age: 32 Position: any Experience: Played from age 7 through high school. Coached rec multiple seasons for both my kids. Other: Looking to have fun and get back in shape. Very competitive and love soccer. Appreciate quality play and good sportsmanship. Hope I can join the fun for the fall 2019 season and beyond.

  6. Anthony Buchanan - Added 08/04/19
    Comments: I'm 28 and just moved here from Seattle. I'm looking to get involved with really any team that has a spot: semi-competitive, recreational, co-ed. Played my whole life competitively, played in college (D3, was playing for low level D1 until I broke my leg). I can play anything in the back or midfield, preferred center mid when available. Would be great to make some more friends to have a beer with after a game too!

  7. Arisleydi Ramirez - Added 08/11/19
    Comments: I'm a female 23 years old, I'm been playing soccer since I was 7 years old. I played at high school, and now I play for recreation. I love soccer; I can play any position but prefer defender or midfielder. I'm looking for a good team with at least medium level. Any team that choose me can count with a team player and a winner!

  8. Ryan Reynolds - Added 08/14/19
    845 702 8501
    Comments: Age: 28 Just moved to Richmond. Looking for a division 3-4 team to be a part of. Played D2 college for 3 years as a center and outside back. Occasionally a holding mid. Played in a tier 2 team the past 3 years in SC where I just moved from.

  9. Fernando Carolino - Added 08/15/19
    (804) 3867667
    Comments:Brazilian, arrived here in America 7 months ago and I'm looking for a soccer team to play with. I play soccer since I have 5 years but never professional, prefer midfield but I can play forward too. I work 8am-5pm mon-fri. More questions feel free to message me anytime!

  10. Nestor Moczo - Added 08/16/19
    Comments: I am reaching out because I’m very interested in joining a team. I just turned 20 years old and this is something me and my counselor, Susan M. Webb, have been talking about a lot, and also something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. I received a packet in the mail today about the Association, but it’s more of a general guide about rules and regulations. I would like to know the other steps necessary to take in order to move forward with this process and hopefully join a team soon.

    Comments: Partizan Richmond United looking for players to play in the second division. If interested please contact Elvir.

  12. Lynwood Washington - Added 08/31/19
    Comments: My fiancée and I are interested in playing Co ed soccer this fall. I know we are a bit behind the deadline but we were hoping there is a way we could get placed on a team. We have played once for the league before but it has been a few years. Our skill level is beginner to intermediate. Any information would be greatly appreciated to make this happen. Thank you.

  13. Tamer Mohsen - Added 09/01/19
    803 881 5674
    Comments: I am 43 years old. Looking for a veteran team I play middle player.. I am looking to join a team that plays on Sundays, I am good at playing as a middle man.

  14. Rob Williams - Added 09/04/19
    Comments: Keeper looking for a team - Almost 46y/o looking to play GK only. I was out of commission for a few years, only recently starting up with indoor again. Prior to my hiatus, I played Div 1/2 - O30, as well as many other levels as a GK. The heart is there, looking to get the body back into it.

  15. Jack Soulen - Added 09/06/19
    (757) 235 2657
    Comments: I'm looking out for a soccer team to join, I know its late, unfortunately the other team I was looking at fell through. I'm 24 (guy), currently live in the Fan and I moved to Richmond last year. I've played soccer casually since kindergarten, with a few years of travel in high school. I played for the William and Mary Club B team (played a few games against other schools each year), and a lot of intramural in college. I've played every position, and I really haven't been tied down to one much at all, I'll even play keeper with a smile (but I am really horrible at it). If there is a slot left I'd love to join up and play.

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