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CVSA SPRING '19 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! As always, the link to register your team is Please take note of the following dates:

• Friday, February 1: All teams must have 10 players registered; team registration closes that day.
• Sunday February 24: Spring '19 Organizational Meeting, time and location TBA.
• Thursday, February 28: Coed Divisions start.
• Sunday, March 3: Open Divisions start.
• TBA: Veterans Division starts.

New team captains who are not in the registration system need to contact CVSA Registrar Shawn Shelton to get set up in the system.

Questions? . . . e-mail the CVSA Registrar to get your issues resolved.

The Spring '19 Operational Guide is posted as well.

To add your name to this list, please e-mail us and please include all contact information, including: name, home & work phone numbers, e-mail, and a brief description (experience, age, level of play desired, position, etc.).

Names will be removed automatically after three months, unless we feel like leaving you on there longer. Please e-mail us if you wish to stay on the list after three months. Conversely, help us keep the list current and e- mail us if you need to be removed.

Updated - January 15, 2019

  1. Holden & Greg Crawford - Added 01/01/19
    804-852-3225 (Greg)
    804-658-6655 (Holden)
    Comments: (Greg) been playing all my life, 43, coached strikers for 12 years, midfield, division 7,8, coed. (Holden) 18 years old, player for Glen Allen high, midfield, level 7,8, coed, want to play with my dad, Greg Crawford.

  2. Chris Green - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: 21, moved to the area from England recently. Played from 4-17 and then injuries and education got in the way. Primarily played fullback but I have played every position except ‘keeper. Looking to get back into the game for fun and fitness reasons

  3. Brent Wilt - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: I live in Chesterfield VA. Looking to join a Soccer team for fun. Age: 31.

  4. Matthew Quintana - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: I have played for CVSA before and am looking to do so again. I primarily play as a goalkeeper. I have Varsity high school and college experience in goal. I currently play for the Joint Base Langley Eustis installation team, which just won 2nd place against all DOD installations in the continental U.S. I am hoping to play for a competitive team in a competitive division, but seeing as how I am new to the area I am also looking for a team that has good comradery where I could potentially meet some new friends.

    Royce W. Woolfolk - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: I am signing up for the veterans division, have never played before but I played rugby for 25 years. Please let me know. Thanks.

  6. Thomas Berryman - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: DOB 4/25/87. I have a deep understanding of soccer, having played my entire childhood, including high school varsity. I am open to any level of play, I just want to play, have fun, and win matches. Ready to go when you are!

  7. Angel Smith - Added 01/01/19
    (804) 873-7899
    Comments: I'm 18. I've played soccer for 9 years now. I can play anywhere on the field that is needed for me to play, but I primarily wanna play as a central midfielder. I am a tall and smart player. Looking to play with a competitive team who always has fight in them and doesn't give up on each other.

  8. VETERANS DIVISION (or 7th / 8th)
    Ashraf Dweik - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: I am looking to join a team in 7 or 8 division or coeds I have been playing soccer all of my life I am very good defender , I am 41 years old I have played on 3rd division and I think it is a little too much for me.

  9. NORTHSIDE FC NEEDS PLAYERS - Added 01/01/19
    (804) 339-7783
    Comments: Northside FC needs serious players to join the 4th division. Apply by visiting

  10. Jaine Lindo - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: Just turned 28 years old. I've played since the age of 5 with college experience, semi-pro in the NPSL, MD State Cups with ASA Charm City in Baltimore, and in CONCACAF Nations League for my country. Looking to play with a team in the Premier Division but open to First Division teams. Currently training five days a week and I've always been a disciplined player that works hard for the team and willing to commute to Richmond for competitive play.

  11. Seth Binsted - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: Having just moved to Richmond, I'm now looking to play soccer this fall/winter. I'm 30 years old, I played club soccer at JMU, and I'm a quick and hard working player. So I'm looking for something competitive. I'm a versatile player, and usually play midfield, but also feel comfortable playing an offensive role. Happy to play defense as well.

  12. Chris Brininstool - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: I still have my player card.

    Hey y’all I’m looking to get back on a coed team for the 2019 spring season. I’m a fit goalkeeper who has played on teams within CVSA in the past. I’ve not played in a couple years but still have the skills and knowledge of the goal keeper position with over 10 years of experience @ the position.

    Contact me at the above if any coed team seeks out a competitive yet fun goalkeeper. I can also play the midfield position however I prefer being in the box.

    Ambidextrous and able to use both legs for shooting/passing with equal strength.

  13. Leonardo Sanchez - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: I am 19 years old. I play as right or left back.

  14. Christina Pichiarello - Added 01/01/19
    570 862 4887
    Comments: Moving from Scranton PA to Richmond area! I am 26 years old, and looking for a recreational, all female or COED team to join. I've played since I was a child, all through high school and college, and would like to continue as an adult.

  15. Steevens Ulysse - Added 01/01/19
    470 369 4748
    Comments: I’ve never play CVSA before and i would love to join a team. If there’s any chance for me feel free to contact me.

  16. Jaivon Cook - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: Good morning ive been instrestd in playing again i dont have alot of experience i havent played since a little kid but i wanna re learn and be apart of a team that will fit my skill set i played football basketball and other sport so i have a good set of skills

  17. Matthew Teeple - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: My name is Matt and I moved to rva from Washington state recently. I am looking for an open team. I am capable of playing any outfield position. Please let me know what I would need to do to get put on a team or if you need any additional information from me. Thanks!

  18. DISTRICT 5 NEEDS NEW PLAYERS - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: “Looking for players who are reliable for games and comitted to having fun first and also winning games. We also need a keeper.

  19. Haleigh Grimes - Added 01/01/19
    (808) 227-4964
    Comments: I am 23 years old and I am excited to join an adult soccer league. I played from when I can remember through high school. In high school I played for my Thomas Dale and recreational until I fractured my hip and then moved to only playing recreational. During college, I spent some time coaching recreational soccer in chesterfield. I've mostly played left mid and center mid, but can play forward as well. Looking for a team that enjoys the game and getting active in different ways, and likes to have fun. Can't wait to here from you!

  20. Aidan Donohue - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: I'm pretty neutral as to what team I'm looking for, however I would prefer one that is competitive in their division. One that is also closer to the Midlothian or Bon Air area would be nice as well to save on gas for practices.

    I've been playing soccer for about 5 years now. I started off playing recreational soccer for FC Richmond and in 2015 I made my school's JV team as a freshman. There was a much bigger turnout for tryouts next year however, and I didn't make it. Since then I've just gone back to FC Richmond but seeing as I am now 18 I have aged out of that. I play LW/CAM/ST best but I can adapt to most positions, except for CB and GK. I am 5"8 175 pounds and I am left-footed as well. My strengths include finishing, long passing, and stamina, I am also fairly comfortable on the ball. My weaknesses include defensive positioning, heading with power, and my first touch on my weak foot is pretty inconsistent.

    Coming from rec soccer I'm not sure how intense the leagues are now. I think something roughly middle of the pack in terms of the competition would be a good starting point for me.

  21. Gordon Blum - Added 01/01/19
    Comments: I just moved to Richmond from Memphis, TN and looking to join a team. I am 31, played in college, and pretty fit. My team in Memphis had a mix of young/older guys -most played at a high level and I am looking for a similar team. I can play any position but usually play on the wing or outside back. I don't really like talking about my play but I would have to say I have good footwork and pace that can keep up with most players. I am open to any pick up games before hand. In general - I am looking for a competitive team that's open to a few brews after the game.

  22. Heather Lockard - Added 01/02/19
    Comments: 22, moved to Richmond recently from PA. Played soccer from age 3-17. Primarily play striker/wing, strong knowledge of the game and competitive. Looking to join a coed or open team!

  23. TEAM LOOKING FOR PLAYERS - Added 01/03/19
    Comments: Looking for players that have played their positions for more then 5 years. I need 5 midfield players and 4 defense. We will be playing in the 4th division and hoping to move up and keeping the same player through out the seasons. Please if interested call or text Jésus.

    John Honea - Added 01/09/19
    Comments: I have been playing my entire life to include some college. I am primarily offensive minded and normally positioned as a striker. I am 39 and will be turning 40 in February.

  25. Allan Myers & Maddie Miles - Added 01/09/19
    Comments: Partners looking for a coed recreation team together. Allan is a forward player with 9+ years of experience, Maddie is a midfield player with over 17+ years of experience. Looking to play on a more relaxed co ed team for spring, we’re a package deal so only want to be on teams we can play on together.

    Oscar Melgar - Added 01/11/19
    Comments: Just move to Richmond I would like to play soccer adult 40 and up,any position "I'm not a goalkeeper.i hope I'll get hook up thanks.

  27. William Smith, II - Added 01/14/19
    Comments: I'm trying to register to say this fall if possible and I never played in this league but I have back at home in Hampton.

  28. Lobope Baz - Added 01/14/19
    Comments: Hey there, my name is Steevens Ulysse, I’ve never play CVSA before and i would love to join a team. If there’s any chance for me feel free to contact me.

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