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CVSA Disciplinary Page


    Samuel Farhi, Defenestrators

    Max Argueta, Sr., Kairos FC
    Adan Loayza, The Strongs
    Jorge Catano, America Fusion FC

    Heesung Lee, FC Inferno
    Santiago Pelaez, America Fusion FC

    Vinicuis Desouza, The Strongs

    David Thomas, Glanville Flash
    Sunil Gurung, Partizan Richmond United
    Dean Thomas, Partizan Richmond United
    Elim Babylon, Quilmes AC
    Harrison Moore, Santos FC
    Ethan Tobin, Sidewalk Café
    George Zaki, SMPK Coptic Church
  • Christopher Puff, LFC RVA
  • Eddie Catalan, OutKast
  • Adam Culler, Resistance
  • Travis Rowland, Bollweevils
  • Ivan Alzuro, Club Atlético
  • Ryan Sheets, Patriots FC
  • Britton Cocke, Richmond Athletic FC (must complete Grade 8 referee course)
  • Paulo Alves, Richmond FC (must complete Grade 8 referee course)
  • Abanoub Zaki, SMPK Coptic Church

Article II.I of the Bylaws of the Central Virginia Soccer Association states:
    I. Disciplinary Actions
      1. Classifications***:
      Card Offenses
      Delays the Restart of Play
      Enters the Field of Play
      Fails to Respect the Required Distance
      Leaves the Field of Play
      Persistent Infringement
      Unsporting Behavior
      2 x Yellows
      Deny an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity
      Offensive, Insulting, or Abusive Language
      Serious Foul Play
      Violent Conduct
      * This is a guide and may be adjusted based on circumstances.
      ** Red card offenses carry over to the following season (Spring, Fall).
      *** Repeat offenders (including teams) are subject to more severe or additional penalties up to and icluding expulsion from the league.
      2. A team is responsible for the behavior of its fans. Failure of the team to control its fans may result in severe fines for the team.
      3. Any team wishing to file an appeal of the actions taken by the Disciplinary Committee must do so within five days after receiving official notification from the committee. After five days the findings become final. A $25.00 fee is required with each appeal. The fee is refundable if the appeal committee returns a favorable decision. Only disciplinary penalties imposed by the League (e.g.,probation, suspension, expulsion, etc.) may be appealed; referee-issued disciplinary cards (yellow) and the associated disciplinary points may not be overturned since doing so would undermine the on-field authority of the referees.
The accumulated points are as follows:
    1. Five Points: one-game suspension.
    2. Ten Points
      a. If accumulated over the course of a season (i.e. more than one game), a one-game suspension is imposed for the game immediately following the one in which the player reaches the ten-point plateau. However, if the five-point and ten- point plateaus are reached in the same game, an automatic two-game suspension is imposed (e.g. a player coming into a game with two points, and committing an eight-point foul).
      b. If accumulated in one game, an automatic two-game suspension is imposed.
      c. Once a player reaches 10 points he/she is considered on probation for the remainder of the season/Cup.
    3. Fifteen Points: length of suspension to be decided by the CVSA Board.
    4. Regular Season versus Cup Competition: disciplinary points for the CVSA Cup and Copa Bruce are tabulated separately from those accumulated in the Regular Season, as are the penalties. Exceptions will be made in the case of especially heinous fouls, violent conduct, and/or striking penalties.

Note: When enforcing Spitting, VC, and Striking penalties:
  1. Cup and Regular season matches are combined.
  2. If the player is on multiple teams, said player must serve the suspension (for the team the suspension was assessed) in its entirety before being eligible for any other CVSA match regardless of division.
  3. The penalties carry over to the following season / Cup competition until the full suspension is served.
APPEALS: Any team or individual wishing to appeal a disciplinary sanction should consult Article II.I.3 of the Bylaws of the Central Virginia Soccer Association.
In addition, penalties dealing with referee abuse are covered by the Metropolitan DC-Virginia Soccer Association Greensheet
, and United States Soccer Federation Bylaw §531- 9.
The CVSA Board and Disciplinary Committee reserve the right to strengthen (up to and including expulsion from the league) or lessen any sanction based on the best interests of the league.

In July of 2019, the CVSA Board adopted of Code of Conduct, which all members are expected to withhold:

The CVSA is committed to maintaining sportsmanship and a family friendly environment. The members believe that part of the mission of adult soccer should be to set an example for members of our community of how to act with sportsmanship, show respect for opponents, and be an inclusive league for those who enjoy soccer.

Therefore, the CVSA expects all participants, fans, and team representatives to treat opponents and officials with respect. Failure to do so may lead to penalties. Racial, ethnic, xenophobic or homophobic comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, opponents, fans, or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for suspensions.

The CVSA looks forward to continued success as a fun place to enjoy soccer in our community.

Fall '19 Bookings

  • Wednesday, September 4
    • Bruce Brewer, Absolutely Masters: dissent.
    • Tom Gilardi, Absolutely Masters: dissent.

  • Sunday, September 8
    • Yuuki Cahse, The HofGarden: unsporting behavior.
    • Flavius Lucaci, Mamma Zû: unsporting behavior.
    • Jackson Brewer, Sidewalk Café: unsporting behavior.
    • Brandon Dise, Fat Dragon FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Jeffrey Heidig, Defenestrators: failure to respect the required distance.
    • Samuel Farhi, Defenestrators: dissent.
    • Samuel Farhi, Defenestrators: second cautionable offense, dissent. Mr. Farhi is ineligible for the Pete's Mom FC / Defenestrators game of September 15.
    • Zachary Robinson, Glanville Evil Poptarts: unsporting behavior.
    • Joe Blackburn, UNOS: unsporting behavior.
    • Daniel Raimundo, Richmond FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Dylan Mitchell, Havoc FC: illegal entry.
    • Daniel Moultrie, P-Zones: unsporting behavior.
    • Hector Iboy, Kairos FC : dissent.
    • Max Argueta, Sr., Kairos FC : dissent.
    • Max Argueta, Sr., Kairos FC: second cuationable offense, unsporting behavior. Mr. Argueta, Sr., is ineligible for the Hardywood Park FC / Kairos FC game of September 15.
    • Giles Mbonu, LOKO FC Express: unsporting behavior.
    • Brendan Bostock, Gooners Guild: unsporting behavior.
    • Gaston Schmitt, Gooners Guild: unsporting behavior.
    • Joao Ribeiro, The Strongs Old School: unsporting behavior.
    • Geraldo Machado, The Strongs Old School: unsporting behavior.
    • Samuel Camp, Rack City FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Christopher Toussaint, Rack City FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Brian Byrd, Quilmes RFC: unsporting behavior.
    • Enzo Andino Mora, FC México RVA: unsporting behavior.
    • Joseph Ndirangu, FC México RVA: unsporting behavior.
    • Benji Djeukeng, Renegades: unsporting behavior.
    • J.R. Fox, Renegades: unsporting behavior.
    • Jason Lake, Renegades: unsporting behavior.
    • Stewart Wojnicki, Renegades: unsporting behavior.
    • Michael Palese, Quattro Dermis FC: dissent.
    • Creighton Hite, Quattro Dermis FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Phil Pemberton, THP FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Michael Urbanik, Partizan Richmond FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Taurus Manneh, Partizan Richmond FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Finlay Wyatt, Partizan Richmond FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Christhian Hurtado, Cafeteros FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Diego Salazar, Cafeteros FC: persistent infringement.
    • Davor Jerkovic, Lions FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Haithm Alsewari, Villalobos FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Mas Hud Adam, Absolute United: unsporting behavior.
    • Hagen Richards, LFC RVA: unsporting behavior.
    • Tyler McNamee, River City FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Tales Silvestre Da Silva Fernandez, The Strongers: unsporting behavior.
    • Givaldo Ramos, The Strongers: unsporting behavior.
    • Grayson Smith, Sunday Scaries: dissent.
    • Grant Thompson, Sunday Scaries: unsporting behavior.
    • Elie Chitman, Richmond Celtic FC: unsporting behavior.

  • Tuesday, September 10
    • Ramon Campos, Partizan Richmond FC: delay of the restart of play.
    • Fredy Flores, Partizan Richmond FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Kyle Kimbrell, Richmond City FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Kenneth Breen, Richmond City FC: delay of the restart of play.
    • Nick Reemsten, Richmond City FC: dissent.
    • Alec Faulkner, Screaming Eagles FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Marvin Chavez, The Strongers: unsporting behavior.
    • William Morais, The Strongers: unsporting behavior.
    • Richard Albert, LOKO FC Express: unsporting behavior.
    • Angello Herrera, LOKO FC Express: unsporting behavior.
    • Kiry Sakun, Richmond Celtic FC: unsporting behavior.
    • Parker Fallen, Bollweevils FC: dissent.

Disciplinary Point Totals - Fall '19 Regular Season

    • Samuel Farhi, Defenestrators
    • Max Argueta, Sr., Kairos FC
    • Bruce Brewer, Absolutely Masters
    • Tom Gilardi, Absolutely Masters
    • Mas Hud Adam, Absolute United
    • Parker Fallen, Bollweevils FC
    • Christhian Hurtado, Cafeteros FC
    • Diego Salazar, Cafeteros FC
    • Jeffrey Heidig, Defenestrators
    • Brandon Dise, Fat Dragon FC
    • Zachary Robinson, Glanville Evil Poptarts
    • Brendan Bostock, Gooners Guild
    • Gaston Schmitt, Gooners Guild
    • Dylan Mitchell, Havoc FC
    • Yuuki Cahse, The HofGarden
    • Hector Iboy, Kairos FC
    • Hagen Richards, LFC RVA
    • Davor Jerkovic, Lions FC
    • Giles Mbonu, LOKO FC Express
    • Richard Albert, LOKO FC Express
    • Angello Herrera, LOKO FC Express
    • Flavius Lucaci, Mamma Zû
    • Enzo Andino Mora, FC México RVA
    • Joseph Ndirangu, FC México RVA
    • Daniel Moultrie, P-Zones
    • Michael Urbanik, Partizan Richmond FC
    • Taurus Manneh, Partizan Richmond FC
    • Finlay Wyatt, Partizan Richmond FC
    • Ramon Campos, Partizan Richmond FC
    • Fredy Flores, Partizan Richmond FC
    • Michael Palese, Quattro Dermis FC
    • Creighton Hite, Quattro Dermis FC
    • Brian Byrd, Quilmes RFC
    • Samuel Camp, Rack City FC
    • Christopher Toussaint, Rack City FC
    • J.R. Fox, Renegades
    • Benji Djeukeng, Renegades
    • Jason Lake, Renegades
    • Stewart Wojnicki, Renegades
    • Elie Chitman, Richmond Celtic FC
    • Kiry Sakun, Richmond Celtic FC
    • Kyle Kimbrell, Richmond City FC
    • Kenneth Breen, Richmond City FC
    • Nick Reemsten, Richmond City FC
    • Daniel Raimundo, Richmond FC
    • Tyler McNamee, River City FC
    • Alec Faulkner, Screaming Eagles FC
    • Jackson Brewer, Sidewalk Café
    • Geraldo Machado, The Strongs Old School
    • Joao Ribeiro, The Strongs Old School
    • Tales Silvestre Da Silva Fernandez, The Strongers
    • Givaldo Ramos, The Strongers
    • Marvin Chavez, The Strongers
    • William Morais, The Strongers
    • Grayson Smith, Sunday Scaries
    • Grant Thompson, Sunday Scaries
    • Phil Pemberton, THP FC
    • Joe Blackburn, UNOS
    • Haithm Alsewari, Villalobos FC

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