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Welcome to Atlas!

Last Updated 11/11/10

Atlas is competing in its 49th season of soccer since being formed in the Summer of 1997. We currently compete in the 1st Division of the Central Virginia Soccer Association (CVSA,) an adult soccer league based in Richmond, VA.

Also, Atlas Soccer Club has several other teams. This Fall, our clubmates, Titans, will be in the 6th Division along with Lightning (A.C. Thunder) and Lady Titans in the Women's Division and Titans Coed, in the Coed Recreational Division. For more information on Titans or A.C. Thunder teams go to their respective websites.



2nd Division Playoffs Semifinalists (Summer 2009)

Neptune Soccer Classic 2009 Semifinalists (Men's Rec)

2nd Division Champions (Summer 2008)

Men's Comp Division Runners-up (SCOR Indoor League 2008)

Coed Rec Division Champions (SCOR Indoor League 2008)

Neptune Soccer Classic 2007 Champions (Men's Rec)

Coed Semi-Comp. Division Runners-up (Summer 2007)

1st Division Champions (Spring 2007)

Coed Rec Division Runners-up (SCOR Indoor League 2007)

Neptune Soccer Classic 2006 Runners-up (Men's Rec)

1st Division Champions (Spring 2006)

Open Coed Division Playoff Semifinalists (RISE Indoor League 2006)

Neptune Soccer Classic 2005 Semifinalists (Men's Rec)

1st Division Champions (Summer 2005)

Coed Division Playoffs Semifinalists (Summer 2005)

Coed Pink Division Runners-up (Summer 2005)

Coed Division Runners-up (Spring 2005)

Men's B Division Runners-up (RISE Indoor League 2005)

Coed Division Runners-up (Fall 2004)

Neptune Soccer Classic 2004 Runners-up (Men's Rec)

1st Division Playoffs Champions (Summer 2004)

2nd Division Playoffs Runners-up (Summer 2004)

Coed Division Playoffs Champions(Summer 2004)

1st Division Champions (Summer 2004)

2nd Division Champions (Summer 2004)

Coed Blue Division Runners-up (Summer 2004)

W&M Soccerfest 2004 Champions (Coed)

1st Division Runners-up (Spring 2004)

2nd Division Runners-up (CASA Indoor League 2004)

2nd Division Playoffs Semifinalists (Summer 2003)

3rd Division Playoffs Semifinalists (Summer 2003)

2nd Division Runners-up (Summer 2003)

CVSA Cup 2002-2003 Semifinalists

W&M Soccerfest 2003 Runners-up (Men's B)

1st Division Playoffs Semifinalists (Summer 2002)

2nd Division Champions (Summer 2001)

MDCVSA Challenge Cup 2001 Semifinalists (4th Place)

W&M Soccerfest 2001 Runners-up (Men's B)

1st Division Runners-up (CASA Indoor League 2001)

2nd Division Champions (Fall 2000)

2nd & 3rd Division Playoffs Runners-up (Summer 2000)

3rd Division Champions (Spring 2000)

3rd Division Runners-up (Summer 1999)

More than 250 different players have taken the pitch for Atlas since '97. The average current Atlas player is 27 years old and has played in about 120 games with the club.

We are always looking to improve, so if you're interested in joining, send us a message at ATLAS and please include your name, e-mail, phone number, age, position, and experience.


Atlas wears the Adidas Squadra jersey in royal blue or white Nike jerseys with white or royal shorts and socks.


Atlas Coed wears the Adidas Sereno jersey in royal blue or white Nike jerseys with white or black shorts and socks.

All Time Record: 420-355-70 (.538)
Goals For: 3,043
Goals Against: 2,512

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