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The Central Virginia Soccer Association
40 Years of the Best Adult Soccer in the Richmond Area

Welcome to the website of the Central Virginia Soccer Association. This site is updated perpetually and will contain current schedules, standings, and other happenings in the league.

The Central Virginia Soccer Association (CVSA) is a non-profit, adult soccer league headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Games are played at various sites in the city of Richmond, as well as Hanover, Henrico & Chesterfield Counties. This fall, the league enters its 44th year of operation, having started play in the Fall of 1975, and is the oldest and most competitive in the Richmond Metropolitan Area. The CVSA is sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) through its membership in the Metro D. C. - Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA), with whom it participates in U. S. Open Cup, USASA National Cup and MDCVSA State & Challenge Cup tournaments. The CVSA hosted the MDCVSA State Championships at the Bryan Park Soccer Complex from 2000-2005, and continues to be an integral part of the maintenance and development of that facility.

Currently the Fall '18 season is aropund the corner! In general, "11-a-side" competition runs during two seasons: the Spring season typically runs from February to June; the Fall season typically runs from September to December. The summers feature "7-a-side" competition.


SUMMER '18 IS IN THE BOOKS! The CVSA's Summer '18 is finally complete, as we fought the weather, which seemed to make appearenaces only on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and Sundays. At Glover Park on Sunday, August 19, four champions were crowned. Congrats to this season's ten division champions:

  • Premier (MW Red Division): Sporting 804
  • First (TTh Red Division): Richmond Flames
  • Second (MW White Division): Fan Rats
  • Third (TTh White Division): Spider Monkeys v2.0
  • Fourth (TTh Blue Division): Sidewalk Café
  • Fifth (MW Blue Division): FC YRN

  • Veterans Division: Those ODB's

  • Coed Competitive (Coed Red Division): Bangcrack FC
  • Coed Recreational (Coed White Division): Trinity
  • Coed Leisure (Coed Blue Division): Sunday Scaries


WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!, PART III For the first time in the CVSA's hsitory, both of the defending cup champions met in the CVSA Cup Final, as holders Partizan Richmond FC defeated Copa Bruce holders Absolute B.C. 2:0 on Saturday, July 14 at the Bryan Park Soccer Complex, in a full replay of the match that was rained out at City Stadium on June 2. These teams, who take their names and inspiration from failed Eastern European communist regimes, continue to lead the way in cup competition. Before the afternoon deluge on June 2, The Strongs defeated Richmond is for Haters 2:1 at City Stadium to take the Copa Bruce title. The Strongs have had nothing but success, having won three division titles and one cup title since entering the CVSA in Spring '17; will these men of strength ever be stopped? All of the details of the tournament are available on the CVSA Cup page of the CVSA website.


SPRING '18 IS IN THE BOOKS! The CVSA's Spring '18 is complete, with some new faces making inroads, and others keeping the status quo. The X-Rams returned to the top in the Premier, winning a playoff against Partizan Richmond. They will be joined by First Division Champion LOKO FC, looking to enthusiastically join the top flight, in stark contrast to recent First Division Champions who have tried to worm out of promotion. Copa Bruce Champions The Strongs have done nothing but win championships since entering the league in the Spring '17 season, will enter the Third Division in the fall to see if they can keep their streak alive. Congrats to this season's ten division champions:

  • Premier: X-Rams
  • First: LOKO FC
  • Second: Melo Lion FC
  • Third: Pete's Mom FC
  • Fourth: The Strongs
  • Fifth: Misfits
  • Sixth: Richmond FC Masters
  • Seventh: THP FC

  • Coed Competitive: The Murtaughs
  • Coed Recreational: Millennium Falcons

FALL '17

WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! - PART II Remember those two teams who draw their names and inspiration from failed eastern European communist regimes? They're at it again. Defending CVSA Cup Champions Partizan Richmond FC and defending Copa Bruce Champions Absolute B.C. took the First & Third Divisions, respectively, to lead the parade of Fall '17 Division Champions. Sporting 804 continued their stranglehold on the Premier Division, while both cup competitions were pared down to eight teams, with the Quarterfinals to be played next spring. Congrats to this season's ten division champions:

  • Premier: Sporting 804
  • First: Partizan Richmond FC
  • Second: Richmond FC
  • Third: Absolute B.C.
  • Fourth: River City FC
  • Fifth: The Strongs
  • Sixth: Richmond is for Haters
  • Seventh: CAPS Quattro Dermis FC

  • Coed Competitive: Pup-'N-Suds
  • Coed Recreational: Rage FC


¡THE SUMMER '17 PLAYOFFS ARE COMPLETE! The Summer '17 Playoffs have wrapped up. Congrats to this year's ten division champions:

  • Premier (MW Red Division): Big Wood
  • First (TTh Red Division): Richmond City FC
  • Second (TTh White Division): Purple Cobras
  • Third (MW White Division): Absolute B.C.
  • Fourth (TTh Blue Division): FC Himalayas
  • Fifth (MW Blue Division): HC United

  • Veterans Division: Metro Sting Old School

  • Coed Competitive (Coed Red Division): Bangcrack FC
  • Coed Recreational (Coed White Division): Random Heroes FC Coed
  • Coed Leisure (Coed Blue Division): Big Night Out FC

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