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CVSA SUMMER '23 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! As always, the link to register your team is listed in the sidebar to the left. Please take note of the following dates:

• Wednesday, May 24: TEAM REGISTRATION CLOSES. All teams must have at least 8 players registered (and paid). Time and space may be limited, so we cannot guarantee any team a spot if they fail to meet this committment.
• Saturday, June 10: Summer '23 Organizational Meeting, Longdale.
• Sunday, June 11: Coed Division starts.
• Monday, June 12: MW Open Divisions, Veterans Division start.
• Tuesday, June 13: TTh Open Divisions start.
• Wednesday, June 14: Womens Division starts.

New team captains who are not in the registration system need to contact CVSA Registrar Marius Muresan to get set up in the system.

Questions? . . . e-mail the CVSA Registrar to get your issues resolved.

The Summer '23 Operational Guide is posted as well.

Welcome to the website of the Central Virginia Soccer Association. This site is updated perpetually and will contain current schedules, standings, and other happenings in the league.

The Central Virginia Soccer Association (CVSA) is a non-profit, adult soccer league headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Games are played at various sites in the city of Richmond, as well as Hanover, Henrico & Chesterfield Counties. The league is emarking upon its 48th year of operation, having started play in the Fall of 1975, and is the oldest and most competitive in the Richmond Metropolitan Area. The CVSA is sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) through its membership in the Metro D. C. - Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA), with whom it participates in U. S. Open Cup, USASA National Cup and MDCVSA State & Challenge Cup tournaments. The CVSA hosted the MDCVSA State Championships at the Bryan Park Soccer Complex from 2000-2005, as well as the latest 2021 edition in December, and continues to be an integral part of the maintenance and development of that facility, having provided over half of the funds to build the facility, which opened 23 years ago in April 1999.

Currently . . . the Spring '23 season has opened its registration.

FALL '22

It was a really exciting season. We hope everyone had a good time.


Richmond Capitals - Summer '22 Premier Division Champions

SUMMER '22 IS WINDING DOWN . . . There are still three divisional championships to be decided this week, after which our full season recap will be posted. For now, this is what's been decided:

  • Premier (TTh Competitive): Richmond Capitals
  • First (MW Competitive): Sporting 804 MW
  • Second (TTh Semi-Competitive): Zulu FC
  • Third (MW Semi-Competitive): Home FC Home
  • Fourth (TTh Recreational): Humphrey Pickup FC
  • Fifth (MW Recreational): NCF Villalobos FC

  • Coed Competitive Division: Trinity
  • Coed Recreational Division: Future FC

2021 - '22 CVSA CUP & COPA BRUCE


With the Fall '20 & Spring '21 seasons being conducted as 7-a-side affair, the 2020-'21 cups season never began. With pent up demand and some intestinal fortitude, the 2021-'22 CVSA Cup & Copa Bruce came roaring back. 36 teams entered the CVSA Cup, 40 entered the Copa Bruce, and matters commenced October 3.

On Saturday, June 4, Longdale was decked out for a celebration of the CVSA and the complex for a cup doubleheader, as Sporting 804 racked up yet another major title, and their second Arthur Ballner Trophy, with a 4:2 victory over upstart Brambly Park FC

The Murtaughs won the Copa Bruce.

CVSA Cup page has all of the scores from this season's tournament.


TWO YEARS AFTER THE CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWNS . . . the CVSA continued its return to normalcy and sanity, as the Spring '22 season saw 94 teams across eight open divisions, two veterans divisions, and two coed divisions.

Screaming Eagles FC - Spring '22 Premier Division Champions

The 40 year-old virgins of the CVSA, Screaming Eagles FC, finally broke through to take their first CVSA Major Title, dethroning Sporting 804 and finishing one standing point ahead of Partizan Richmond FC to take the Premier Division. Congrats Screaming Eagles, keep the titles coming!

Richmond Celtic FC, left for dead as a serious concern after a run of lackluster finishes, arose to take the First Division dethroning second-placed Richmond City FC. Team 804, a rebranded outfit of a team that was drummed out of the league during the fall, decided that playing by the rules would be an interesting change, kept their rosters legal, and took the Second Division with an 8-0-0 record.

In the Third Division, Legend of Ivory Stripes FC followed up on their Fall '21 Fourth Division title with a second consecutive crown, and are exicted about the CVSA Cup and the Second Division next fall.

The Fourth Division went to the Top of the Tabol FC, their second consecutive divisional crown after taking the Fifth Division in Fall '21. In the Fifth Division, Wiseguys FC kept the trend going, taking the title after winning the Fall '21 Sixth, and finished the 2021-'22 primary session unfeated and untied. The Sixth Division went to Humphrey Pickup FC, and newcomers Jamaica House FC snagged the Seventh Division.

The Murtaughs won the Coed Competitive Division.

Newcomers AFC Richmond brought in a Ted Lasso vibe, and took the Coed Recreational Division with an 8-0-0 record. Believe!

In the Veterans Division, a split occured in an attempt to keep the venture relevant, with the Screaming Eagles Cosmos taking the Veterans Competitive, and Atlas taking the Veterans Recreational.
  • Premier: Screaming Eagles FC
  • First: Richmond Celtic FC
  • Second: Team 804
  • Third: Legend of Ivory Stripes FC
  • Fourth: Top of the Tabol FC
  • Fifth: Wiseguys FC
  • Sixth: Humphrey Pickup FC
  • Seventh: Jamaica House FC

  • Coed Competitive Division: The Murtaughs
  • Coed Recreational Division: AFC Richmond

  • Veterans Competitive Division: Screaming Eagles Cosmos
  • Veterans Recreational Division: Atlas


The 2021 MDCVSA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS were held in Richmond on the weekend of December 11-12, 2021. Glen Allen High School, Deep Run High School, Mills Godwin High School, and the Bryan Park Soccer Complex were all utilized. The Screaming Eagles Masters took the MDCVSA Veterans Cup over the holders, the Renegades, 3:3 on agggregate and 4:2 in a penalty kick shootout. They now advance to the Region I phase of the USASA National Amateur Over-40 Cup.

Sporting 804 earned with their second consecutive MDCVSA State Cup Runner-Up finish, falling to Northern Virginia FC 1:7 in the final.

A recap of the competiton can be found here: 2021 MDCVSA State Championships Recap.

Screaming Eagles Masters
2021 MDCVSA Veterans Cup Champions

FALL '21

11-A-SIDE RETURNS! 12 months after the completion of the 2019-'20 CVSA Cup & Copa Bruce, 11-a-side play returned to the CVSA. Since the aborted Spring '20 season closed in March 2020, the CVSA had been 7-a-side to accomodate the virus. All of that is past us, and the Fall '21 season came back strong, with 92 teams spread across eight open divisions, two coed divisions, and the Veterans Division.

Sporting 804 - Fall '21 Premier Division Champions

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sporting 804,
undefeated and untied, took their sixth consecutive Fall Premier Division title. Like the weather, everyone complains, but nobody ever does anything about it.

Richmond City FC, on the prowl for their first CVSA major title, laid waste to the First Division with a another undfeated & untied season, and a 34:2 goal differential. Richmond FC returned from a sabbatical in the Southside during virustime, and subdued Lightning FC in a winner-take-all championship match on the last day of the regular season.

In the Third Division, the title is vacated. The presumed divisional champions were found to have used unregistered members of the VCU Men's Soccer team, using fake ID's at gametime, and forfeited their final regular season game, as well as their Round of 16 CVSA Cup match.

The Fourth Division went to the Legend of Ivory Stripes FC, and the Fifth Division was won by Top of the Tabol FC. Wiseguys FC took the Sixth Division, and Home FC Home snagged the Seventh Division, both teams finishing with perfect 8-0-0 records.

The Murtaughs won the Coed Competitive Division.

Balls 'N Dolls took the Coed Recreational Division by a game in a rare competitive session for the Coeds.

In the Veterans Division, the Screaming Eagles Masters returned the top of the division, reclaiming the title they lost in the spring from Strongs Old School.
  • Premier: Sporting 804
  • First: Richmond City FC
  • Second: Richmond FC
  • Third: Vacated
  • Fourth: Legend of Ivory Stripes FC
  • Fifth: Top of the Tabol FC
  • Sixth: Wiseguys FC
  • Seventh: Home FC Home

  • Coed Competitive Division: The Murtaughs
  • Coed Recreational Division: Balls 'N Dolls

  • Veterans Division: Screaming Eagles Masters

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